North Korea has been the topic of scrutiny over the last few months, by testing multiple missiles, claiming to have nuclear weapons, and most recently by picking a fight with the UN Security Council.


Today has hit a new high for the rogue state, and just may signal the end for the Kim regime as America, China, and the rest of the UN Security Council are finally finished with the audacity of the country’s obsession with power.


As America has finally warned Korea for the final time about firing and testing missiles, it was reported by the Japanese government in the past hour that North Korea has fired a ballistic missile over their country, fired out of Pyongyang. The missile later landed in the Pacific Ocean, as it comes just three days after the country promised “pain and suffering” to the world as America’s recommended sanctions were taken up by the UN.


South Korea is acting in response to the missile firing, as they are prepared to shoot one down if it is deemed necessary.


Conservative Today will be updating this story as it is unveiled in the upcoming hours.


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