Nothing seems to make liberals lose their minds faster and harder than having a conservative speaker show up to a college campus and provide an alternative point of view to the one they are spoon fed by their socialist, communist loving professors.

They simply melt like the snowflakes they are whenever such an event takes place, often resorting to acts of violence during “protests,” and even assault people who attend the talk, including police officers.

And while many in the realm of conservative punditry drive these people insane, none are as good at it as conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro. Shapiro made an appearance Thursday night at what seems to be the liberal pansy capital of the world: University of California Berkeley.

As was expected, tons of progressive nincompoops showed up to protest freedom of speech, yet ironically claiming to be anti-fascist, and as expected grew quite hostile with both police and Shapiro supporters.

Things actually got so bad at one point that a Shapiro fan was injured and taken to the hospital. There’s video footage of the woman laying on the ground then being taken out via ambulance. Guess how many news outlets covered this? So far, I only found one.

Here are more details on the insanity that ensued.

via CBS SF Bay Area:

Hundreds of protesters remained on city streets well into the evening after the event wrapped up.

At least three were arrested for carrying a banned weapon.

Berkeley police say 29-year-old Michael Paul Sullivan of Hayward was arrested, along with 44-year-old Sarah Roark and 20-year-old Hannah Benjamin. Benjamin was also accused of battery on a police officer.

Inside the hall, Shapiro addressed a friendly crowd. He encouraged people to hold civil discussions with people who have different opinions, saying that’s what America is all about.

He condemned white supremacists as “a very small select group of absolutely terrible people who believe absolutely terrible things.”

The campus and surrounding Berkeley streets were under tight security after a series of previous events turned violent.

Onlookers told KPIX 5 that a female activist had been stopped from bringing a sign into the designated protest area where Telegraph Avenue runs into the edge of campus because it did not meet campus guidelines for signs at the event. She was escorted away from the protest area.

Here’s the video where news reporters discuss the injured woman:

It is absolutely ridiculous that here, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, you can’t attend an event, express your beliefs, and enjoy your liberty without some crazy wackadoos wanting to murder you in the streets for it.

Why is the left so violent? So determined to silence anyone who has a different set of beliefs and ideas? Why do they want to kill someone who isn’t the same as they are instead of wanting to sit down, discuss things rationally and see if they can convince the other person their worldview is the correct one to hold to?

Is it because they lack the skills to formulate actual thoughts of their own? Is it due to the fact they haven’t actually thought through their own worldview to see if it’s even plausible and realistic to adhere to, if it makes sense with reality?

Perhaps they are scared that if they engage with someone who can sufficiently challenge their worldview, everything they believe will be shown to be false, and so they avoid such debate at all costs? Maybe deep down they know it’s all bunk?

It seems there could be a million different reasons for this sort of thing, none of them, however, are acceptable.

The youth today cry and whine about how violent the world is, oblivious to the fact they are the main contributors to the problem when they act like this.

And what’s worse is the news media, by and large, encourages and supports such behavior. It’s shameful to say the least.

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