One of the main supportive arguments for abortion we hear from liberals is that without safe, legal abortions, women will get the procedure in “back alleys” and catch diseases and die.

Of course, such an argument still fails to justify the murder of an unborn child, who is a human being from the moment of conception and as such, has all of the same rights the rest of us have, but logic and leftist thinking have never been good bed fellows.

The line of thinking employed here is that women are going to get abortions no matter what, so why not make it easier to kill their children for the sake of convenience by providing medical facilities to do so, and keep them healthy and alive?

Notice how much care is taken to spare the life of the mother who desires to murder her child, but none seems to be given to the child himself?

Well, it seems that even abortions carried out in the murder mills of Planned Parenthood aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be all that safe either.

Last summer, a woman named Cree Sheppard visited a local Planned Parenthood facility, by herself, to abort her unwanted child and receive an IUD birth control device.

After the procedure was completed, Cree experienced severe abdominal pain and heavy bleeding that went on for several days. It was then that her mom quickly took her to the hospital, where doctors gave her medicine for nausea and pain, and was released to go home.

Her mother found her the next day, cold to the touch, and immediately phoned 911. Here’s a video of the call. It’s quite disturbing.

Here are a few more details about the story via Activist Mom:

Cree died less than four days after the abortion. After what Tyler believes to be an attempted cover-up by autopsy administrators, he finally attained an autopsy report and found that his sister’s death was the result of a uterus perforation by the abortionist.

Tyler says his family was very close-knit. He told, “I want to know what happened. I want to know why my sister’s life wasn’t good enough to save!”

Sadly, folks who come across this tale will more than likely think such a story is a fluke, a rarity that almost never happens, so there’s no reason to think abortions aren’t a “safe” procedure.

These individuals could not be more wrong. In a typical year, almost six thousand women will suffer complications from abortion procedures that are performed incorrectly. As if there was a correct way to kill a child, right?

What’s tragic is you do not hear about these women on the news, just like you don’t hear about the obscenely high number of children who are murdered each year. Do you know why you don’t hear about all of this on CNN and MSNBC?

Because if they came clean on abortion, if they told people the truth en masse, the support for this barbaric practice would plummet and fewer people would be willing to murder their unborn children.

What happens when the Democratic Party has to finally admit this practice is wicked and denies people their rights and puts young women in danger? They lose a powerful lobbying arm in D.C., and run the risk of losing a much needed demographic they rely on to win elections.

Meanwhile, parents are losing their adult daughters while their grandchildren and future generations are also being snuffed out by a facility that sees this individual as a political tool and nothing more.

How can we trust doctors to perform “safe” abortions, when their whole business is to murder people? Something about that just seems sort of…off, right?

If we truly value the life and health of the mother, we cannot continue to put their lives in danger and offer them up on the operating table and hope that doctors who deal out death for hours on end every day will have their best interest at heart.

The best way to ensure that women are kept safe and healthy is to promote the value of life and to encourage both men and women to save sex for marriage, as God always designed.

The traditional family unit was created by God to help provide a woman with the support and care she needs to raise a family. Sex is a critical part of human relationships, which is why it’s only proper place is in the confines of marriage.

Sex comes with a lot of responsibility, it’s not simply a fun activity to do whenever. Saving it for marriage will mean that you won’t have a child until you are ready and in a position to care for a kid with the help of a spouse.

Teaching young men and women how to be responsible will go a long way in eliminating these needless deaths.


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