Officials who work at a school in Missouri have finally uncovered the student responsible for a racial slur recently found in a girl’s restroom, and it’s not who you think.

The student was non-white, which means the phrase “white lives matter” found in the bathroom was done as a hoax, an act of deviance meant to stir up trouble and fan the flames of civil unrest in this community and now the country.

via Fox News:

School officials in a Missouri community were making plans Tuesday to discipline a “non-white” student whom they said had confessed to writing a racial slur and the phrase “White Lives Matter” on a mirror inside a girls’ restroom at a high school.

Parkway schools Superintendent Keith Marty said in a statement Tuesday that the revelation that a non-white student was involved was surprising, but it did not “diminish the hurt” caused by the incident at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield.

“The behavior was wrong and the student will be held accountable for this serious act according to our student discipline policy,” said Marty, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“The behavior was wrong and the student will be held accountable for this serious act according to our student discipline policy.”

– Keith Marty, Parkway schools superintendent

“It is important to understand why this happened and why we are often quick to assume who is responsible,” he added.

The racial slur was found in a girls’ restroom on campus last week, prompting the local community to organize and stand against racism.

This is the kind of atmosphere the left has created in this country. No longer are people of different walks of life coming together over their shared humanity and experiences, but are instead separating themselves by arbitrary standards like skin color.

Our world will never come together as long as we focus on all the ways we are different instead of what makes us connected, such as being made in the image of God. Now, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all celebrate our differences, as God made those too.

No, we should definitely do that, but that doesn’t mean we have to ditch what makes us the same either.

If we don’t learn this lesson, more of this kind of nonsense is going to happen, people are going to be hurt — both physically and psychologically — and race relations will sink even lower than they already are.


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