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The Democratic Party – If you’ve been following the news lately, you’d see that they are doing very well. Between stopping the Republican health care plan, Confederate statues being taken down, and low approval ratings for Congress and the President, the mainstream media would have you think that the DNC is doing overwhelmingly well. Right?

Well, let’s look at some reasons why that may not be entirely true:

  • Fundraising: It’s no secret that the DNC is in fundraising trouble. After being tripled in fundraising in the month of July, despite some pretty desperate fundraising tactics, the DNC is on a path to bankruptcy. And soon.
  • Lack of Leadership: Can someone please tell me who is leading the DNC right now? Tom Perez may be the Chairman of the organization, but who is their leader? Keith Ellison? Howard Dean? The three of them couldn’t lead a raft down a stale river.
  • Votes: Over half the states in America currently have a Republican-controlled state house and senate, as well as the governorship. This is in contrast to six states fully controlled by the Democratic Party. In addition, the US Federal Government is also in a Republican stronghold.
  • A Party Divided: Coming out of the 2016 primary elections, I’m sure most everyone thought that we would be having this conversation about the Republican Party at this time this year. However, many people forgot how divided the DNC was. Not only are the voters divided between the ultra-left Bernie supporters and the center-left Hillary fans, but the workers for the campaigns were also divided.

As you may tell from some of the above links, this is not just a problem with the DNC. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, several left-leaning PAC’s, as well as nearly every state centered Democratic Party in the nation have seen some of their lowest fundraising numbers in decades.

Where does the party go from here? For starters, maybe they should try focusing their efforts in a positive light, because the negative smear campaign they are throwing t our President is simply not working. Or perhaps stop shoving hypocrisy down the throats of the American voters. I am personally sick of hearing that the Democratic Party is the party of diversity. They are not diverse in any measure.

All but one of their five candidates on the debate stage for the Democratic Presidential Nominee were the traditional old, white, male. Whereas on the Republican side of the aisle, you had two Cuban-Americans, one African-American, one Indian-American, one woman, and the list keeps going. But that’s just diversity in skin color and body composition. The real diversity begins in bringing new ideas to the table.

When was the last time you saw the DNC back a candidate with significant policy differences than them? Let’s look at the topic of abortion, specifically. When was the last time that you saw the DNC back a pro-life candidate? (spolier alert – they don’t)

In the meantime, the Republican Party has labeled themselves as the party of new ideas. Candidates are encouraged to be themselves, because that is who the people are voting for, not the platform. Multiple candidates in the past year have been pro-choice, yet did not suffer any funding decrease from the RNC.

In the end, I don’t see how the Democratic Party overcomes this. Maybe they will, who knows, but they cannot deny that they have a serious issue on their hands.


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