My favorite topic: Planned Parenthood. This disgusting, corrupt company has been fooling the American people in one of the most elaborate slush fund operations ever executed by the Democratic Party for decades.

Today, it came to our attention that an adult toy company has thrown money and support to Planned Parenthood, with the intention of selling vibrators to people from around the nation, and in turn sending them to members of Congress to show support for the organization. The profit off of these transactions are then donated to Planned Parenthood.

Yes, you read that right: “Vibes for Congress” is now a real thing.

Of course, you have to wonder where this sort of idea could have come from. Enter Polly Rodriguez, founder of the sex toy company Unbound and former intern for Missouri U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D). Rodriguez claims that this was in response to hearing the news that Planned Parenthood will likely be defunded in the near future, “I remember feeling all of a sudden like we really need to raise awareness,” she said.

So here we are, listening to a millennial speak on how she has to raise awareness to a corrupt company who she believes needs to continue being funded. Instead of thinking rationally about what she could do to influence congress, she decided to flood congressmen’s mailboxes with sex toys.

But of course, the madness is not stopped there. Vibrant, yet another sex toy company made up almost entirely of former employees to Planned Parenthood, is doing the same thing. And according to Bustle, there are many other adult toy companies who are going to fund Planned Parenthood as well.

With all of this funding coming from outside sources of income for Planned Parenthood, it’s almost like they don’t need our taxpayer dollars. Maybe we should tell our Congressmen that.


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