A group of high school football players in the middle of southern California are teaching the NFL a thing or two about what it means to be respectful to the flag and honor the country that provides you with freedom.

As you’ll recall, players in the National Football League have been taking a knee during the anthem as a means of protesting inequality or something of that nature, but in reality, all they’ve managed to really do is alienate a huge portion of the viewing audience, jeopardize their sponsorships, and cause ratings to plummet.

Perhaps, if they are wise, they’ll look to the youth, the future of the country, and take notes about proper conduct on the football field. It isn’t likely, but we can hold out hope, right?

via TheBlaze:

But for the Sherman E. Burroughs High School football team in Ridgecrest — a military town about 100 miles east of Bakersfield, as the crow flies — none of those differences matter much.

Except one.

Amid the controversial trend of NFL players taking a knee in protest during the national anthem, the Burros players expressed a vastly different sentiment before Friday night’s homecoming game.

As “God Bless the USA” played over the loudspeakers, each player walked onto the field carrying an American flag — to the cheers of those gathered in the stands.

Then they stood in a line as the national anthem played. Quite a different view than knees on the turf or raised fists.

The clip has garnered over 3 million views since it was posted Friday night on Facebook.

These are kids who play the game for the love of the sport. They don’t have big, fat signing bonuses or deals with Nike, yet here they are, playing their guts out and showing their love for America.

What excuse do these spoiled rotten athletes have for their constant show of disrespect? A desire to appear relevant and “woke?”

They are doing serious damage to their sport, and if they value their livelihood, they might want to reconsider their current course of action.


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