The Vegas massacre is still very fuzzy, and it is hard for us to trust all the information that is being sent out. I have even more of a skepticism about the situation given that not even MSNBC and CNN are able to keep the story straight.

As I reported earlier in the week, the facts are just as hairy as the media coverage of them. Even further, we are not hearing about the fact that ISIS has taken responsibility for the mas shooting, or even that they instructed this shooting in a video released in May.

This is not speculation, these are facts given out by the law enforcement officials and through other news sources that are being refuted by the mainstream media.

Today, we have a new video from a civilian on the streets during the attack which shows another shooter on the streets firing away at the civilians. This, accompanied by dispatch calls from the streets referring to multiple shooters, makes for an interesting realization once we reach some conclusions.

In addition, we are also gathering reports that police officers on the ground were chasing after a man in a security guard outfit.

A room service server at the Mandalay Bay Resort has also published a receipt from Stephen Paddock’s room the day before the shooting where Paddock ordered dinner for (at least) two. It would be somewhat believable that Paddock ordered all of the food for himself, had he not have ordered three drinks.

Regardless, we are only hearing that this was a lone wolf attack on the strip by Stephen Paddock. Though his own family and girlfriend had no knowledge of his intentions or ability to carry out such a terror attack, we are then set to believe that Paddock carried out this attack on his own. The single-largest mass shooting in history, we are instructed to believe that this was carried out by a single, troubled man.

If you’re just as skeptical as I am over this, welcome to the crowd. Thousands of people from around the country are beginning to doubt the coverage of this shooting, as we all should.

It’s time that we stopped taking the bait from the media and demanded the truth.


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