Well, after what seems like an eternity, we now know the fate of infamous deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the man who fled his post, caused several American soldiers to get killed looking for him, and had several dangerous terrorists traded for his release.

Bergdahl was facing life in prison, but his punishment seems to be falling way short of that. So what’s the punishment you ask?

Basically nothing.

via CNN:

Bowe Bergdahl received a dishonorable discharge from the US Army but will avoid prison time for desertion and misbehavior before the enemy after abandoning his outpost in Afghanistan in 2009, a military judge ruled Friday.

The judge also ruled that Bergdahl’s rank be reduced from sergeant to private. Additionally, he will be required to pay a $1,000 fine from his salary for the next 10 months.

“Sgt. Bergdahl has looked forward to today for a long time,” Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s civilian attorney, said at a press conference after the sentence’s announcement.

“As everyone knows he was a captive of the Taliban for nearly five years, and three more years have elapsed while the legal process unfolded. He has lost nearly a decade of his life.”

The sentence is effective immediately, except for the dishonorable discharge, which Bergdahl is appealing, according to Fidell.

Bergdahl appeared visibly shaken as the sentence was announced, according to CNN affiliate WRAL. Two of his attorneys stood by his side with their hands on his back while the judge, Army Col. Jeffery R. Nance, read the sentence.

Yeah, that rank he’s having pulled? He didn’t get that until after he got back from being held hostage. So he’s essentially losing something he never really had to begin with.

This man is a traitor to his country who’s actions led to a manhunt where brave American soldiers, the kind who don’t abandon their post, were killed, making him responsible for their deaths.

Apparently desertion and getting people killed isn’t that serious of an offense in this country anymore.

Truly shameful.


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