Marilou Delaney, wife to the infamous Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, has apparently made her way back to the states, according to a new video and report coming from NBC News.

Delaney was out of the country in the Philippines during the mass murder and was cleared of her status as a person of interest following the shooting, in the early moments of the investigation. Though her status as of now is not certain, Delaney has been taken into custody by the FBI immediately following her arrival at LAX.

The story is getting fuzzy, and there are still a few dots that seem to be disconnected.

Here are the facts, as we know them:

  • Delaney had been in the Philippines for ten days when Paddock wired $100,000 to the country just before executing the mass murder.
  • Reports are flying in that Delaney lived a double life, with multiple social security numbers, dates of birth, and marriages.
  • Community members are claiming that Paddock/Delaney’s relationship was verbally abusive, often times in public.
  • The couple lived in a two-bedroom home in a retirement community, despite Paddock’s brother claiming that he lived in an apartment complex and managed it.
  • With 47 total guns, 23 were in the hotel room, carried up in ten separate bags, of which 12 were fully automatic.
    • No one around Paddock, including his brother, knew that Paddock had any interest in firearms, much less as advanced as Paddock was to execute this mass murder.
  • ISIS is claiming responsibility, though US officials deny any correlation.
  • ISIS released a propaganda¬†video in May calling for a lone wolf attack on the Las Vegas strip.
  • Paddock reportedly had Delaney’s identification on him at the time of the shooting.


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