It seems our culture is growing more and more sexually perverse with each passing day, and unfortunately, much of the over sexualization happening in our country is aimed at children, springing from a deep desire on the left to indoctrinate them with the notion that certain behaviors are normal, natural, and morally acceptable, even when that’s not true.

The homosexual agenda is being pushed hardcore by progressives who recognize that the future of their movement is dependent upon molding the hearts and minds of children at a young age, when they are the most susceptible to believing lies, and filling their heads with the idea that being with someone of the same sex is a very normal thing and anyone who says otherwise is a bigot.

Homosexuality isn’t a topic we can brush under the rug, nor should we. However, it should be up to the parents to decide when they want to discuss such a difficult subject with their kids, so as to make sure they understand the issue from their perspective in a way that lines up with their values.

Unfortunately, the left views the family unit as a threat since it stands in the way of being able to have complete control over the minds of young ones, so they try their best to undermine parental authority as often as possible, with the end goal of usurping that role for themselves.

More evidence of this is popping up across the country, like in California where kids as young as fourth grade will now be taking sex education courses that promote the normalcy of homosexuality.

The depravity here is astounding.

via LA Times:

The Los Angeles Unified School District will test new sex education lessons this year for children as young as 9 years old.

“Puberty: The Wonder Years,” a course authored by renowned health educator and nurse Wendy Sellers, is among the lessons that will be offered to fourth-grade students, as well as those in fifth and sixth grades at a handful of schools.

Why is sex ed necessary for students who are so young? Because ignorance doesn’t help anyone, Sellers said.

Sellers, who lives in Michigan, says her curriculum of about six to 11 lessons has been used at schools in 27 states. If it’s adopted here on a permanent basis, LAUSD would be the largest school district to use it.

Sellers said her course aims to change that. It’s also inclusive of LGTBQ identities and doesn’t assume traditional gender roles in describing relationships. There’s no specific lesson to define same-sex relationships, but rather examples of same-sex couples are integrated into lessons, she said.

“Kids are just unflapped by this,” she said. “It’s old people that are having a hard time getting used to it.”

The main question to be asking here is what in the world same-sex relationships have to do with puberty? All people, homosexual or not, go through puberty, so it really necessary to discuss such a topic at a young age like this along with all of the changes your body natural goes through? Seems like bringing up this topic while discussing health is unneeded.

It’s obviously just a vehicle being used as a means of getting kids normalized to the idea of same-sex couples. In other words, indoctrination.

Sellers’ curriculum recommends students “wait” to have sex, but there is no explicit mention of saving it for marriage, so it seems a safe bet that’s not what is being implied here, so yeah, even that’s not a redeeming factor.

The slam against older people having a problem with same-sex relationships is priceless, given Sellers is no spring chicken herself. Did it ever occur to her that the reason they are against this is because maybe, just maybe, they recognize that homosexuality is in fact, not normal? That perhaps they are believers in science and the God who invented it and if He says it’s not right, it’s not right?

The bottom line is, these kids are far too young to be exposed to this subject matter and it ought to be the parent’s responsibility to educate them on this subject, not the state.

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