One of the greatest evils perpetrated by the people of the United States is the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, a holocaust in it’s own right with millions of lives destroyed each and every year.

There are a lot of things happening in America that one might say is inviting God’s judgment down on our heads as a nation, but none of them are as wicked and heinous as that of sacrificing children on the altar of convenience.

What’s more disturbing is how proud many women this day and age are of murdering their own flesh and blood, demanding they be given complete and unfettered access to doing so in order to have all the fun they want without any of the responsibility, while not caring that someone has to die for that terrible “privilege.”

When Planned Parenthood got busted selling baby body parts, that was truly disgusting and deplorable in every conceivable way. However, it was encouraging to see believers all across the country come out of the woodwork to oppose and protest against this grotesque murderous organization.

Which is what makes it so heartbreaking to see professed Christians like the ones in the United Methodist and Episcopalian church “blessing” a murder mill.

via LifeNews:

In Ohio, United Methodist Church pastor, Reverend Laura Young, says she believes pro-life protesters in front of Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities have “misguided faith.” In fact, she thinks these clinics should be blessed, which is why she went out to an abortion facility called Preterm on October 8th in Cleveland. In 2014, Preterm was involved in the abortion-related death of Lakisha Wilson.

Young explained her acceptance of abortion like this: “Christianity, like most faiths, is founded on love. Watching protesters shouting judgment and hate based on what they call religion is horrible. Is that loving God? Is that loving your neighbor as yourself?”

Think Progress reports that the group hopes their “blessing” will protect Preterm from “preachy protesters, as well as encourage the strength and bravery of those providing and relying on its services.” Young plans to go out to other abortion facilities in the state if their event in Cleveland is successful.

Young also says religious groups are fueling the so-called war on women. She explained, “Women are being attacked at a moral level by the radical Religious Right. They’ve hijacked the political discussion. This event is an opportunity for progressive religious leaders to stop the silence. We need to be in the conversation.”

The abortion reverend heads up a group called the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and they run an “all-options” counseling hotline for women facing crisis pregnancies. She said, “It breaks my heart to know women are sitting in pews across the country feeling shamed, believing that they’re cursed for making this decision. That’s a question I get a lot on the phone, ‘Am I going to hell?’ When God instead is there to support women through it all.”

So let me see if I have this correct. Christian “love” according to these dolts is protecting the “rights” of individuals who want to murder their unborn children?

So protecting murderers who slaughter our most defenseless citizens is what these “Christians” think the love of Jesus looks like? Seriously? These people can’t be for real.

Allowing folks to murder their kids, who are image bearers of God from the moment of conception, is the exact opposite of love. It’s hatred, which is forbidden by Scripture and condemned by the Lord.

Murder is a violation of the Sixth Commandment, a universal principle we should all agree is the greatest evil one person can commit against another.

Why then, knowing all of the scientific and philosophical truths we know, are we okay with allowing abortion to continue? It’s disgusting and shameful.

I hope these individuals who claim Christ and support murder are aware that one day they will stand before His glorious throne, face to face with the God that they have committed cosmic treason against, and give an account for their actions.

The scene will not be pretty and the location they will be spending their eternity in will not be comfortable or accommodating.

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