Lots of folks on the left are desperately trying to find things they can use to throw President Trump under the proverbial bus and find things they can use against him as a means of undermining his administration.

Granted, the man isn’t always the best at communicating his thoughts and feelings in a professional manner, but it seems to work for most, and besides, how about we judge the man primarily based on what he’s done and accomplished rather than just words.

And if the new unemployment numbers are any indication, he’s apparently doing something right.

A new report states that jobless numbers are the lowest they’ve been in 44 years.

From The Free Beacon:

Jobless claims dropped to 222,000 this week, which is the lowest level seen in 44 years, the Washington Examiner reported.

Claims for unemployment benefits were expected to drop to 240,000 but dropped even further to 222,000.

“Low jobless claims are a good sign,” the article says. “They suggest that layoffs are infrequent and accordingly that net job growth is strong. Because the claims numbers are aggregated from state unemployment agencies weekly, they are valued by investors and government official as a high-frequency gauge of the economy’s health.”

There are 1.89 million Americans receiving benefits, which is also the lowest level seen in 44 years.

“Thursday’s numbers are impressive given the much larger size of the labor force today compared to 1973,” the Examiner observes. “In March of that year, with Nixon as president, the workforce stood at just under 89 million. Today, it’s 161 million.”

The question, then, is what is President Trump and other GOP members of Congress doing, no matter how small, to facilitate such growth that Obama and his administration did not do?

Regardless of where you stand on Trump personally, it’s hard to argue with these positive results, and it’s a major step forward for our economy to see folks heading back to work, being responsible and taking care of themselves and their families.

This just goes to show what most people really need and want in this country is simply the opportunity to succeed, something only the free market can provide. This is why it’s likely that Trump’s getting rid of regulations has been a major factor in these improvements.


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