President Trump speaks during the National Day of Prayer event at the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington D.C., on May 4, 2017. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Carlos Barria

“Sometimes you have to simply let go, and let God.”

I remember hearing this quote during a spiritual retreat I attended a few years ago, and it always speaks to me in hindsight. Though it’s always hard to fully be able to trust God with our everyday problems because of our obsession with being in control, sometimes it’s worth it to just let God do His work.

That’s why during the 2016 election, I was a nervous wreck. Polls were sinking, protesters were screaming, and it seemed like our movement had lost it all. That was until the church stepped in and let God work.

Paula White, television evangelist and now Spiritual Advisor to the President, went on The Jim Bakker Show on Wednesday to talk about the President’s Charlottesville response but soon started talking about something else.

“they don’t realize how much we were on the verge of of losing what we call religious liberties. But the reality is and I believe — I am going to make bold statement that I have never made publicly — I believe that had God not divinely intervened through the church, through the church praying and through our obedience through an awakening, giving us this moment, this window and if we miss this, I believe the church in America would have been an underground church in five years.”

As I mentioned in my last article, religious liberties have been under siege for quite some time now. The war on Christianity has been growing more and more fierce. As we come to this point in American history, we could have potentially been on the verge of losing our right to practice our religion.

Pastor White makes a great point in relation to the power of prayer. Without prayer, we would have undoubtedly been living under President Hillary Clinton. And after eight years of the church taking blow after blow from the Obama administration, we could not stand to continue taking fire from our government.

She went on in this interview to compare President Trump to multiple people from the Old Testament. Most notably, she compared the unlikely rise to office to Esther’s placement as Queen.

“God is doing transition, so He is raising up Esthers who understand that you have been raised up for such a time as this, which means you have the power for such a time as this,”

A lot of times, we get caught up in what is happening right now, and we forget to remember who is really in charge. God knew what was happening, and He has it all under control.

Joshua 1:9     Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.


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