If you would’ve told me twenty years ago that in the 21st century, one of the biggest issues up for debate across the American political landscape would be whether or not a biological male who has a mental illness and thinks he’s a woman should be considered a female and treated as such by society, I, and most folks at the time, would have laughed you out of the building.

And yet, here we are. In the real world. Discussing that very topic on a daily basis. It truly blows the mind.

Well, today, we’re not talking about transgender bathrooms or the obvious safety risk it poses to let men inside a women’s locker room. No, the issue has mutated well beyond that, to the point it has now become a concern for major league sports organizations.

The Aussie Football League has a men’s and women’s division, and a transgender man who is over six feet tall and weighs 200 pounds, wants to play in the women’s league. His attempt didn’t quite go as planned.

via TheBlaze:

Hannah Mouncey is a transgender woman who wanted to enter this year’s draft for women’s Australian Football League. Aussie rules football is a contact sport akin to rugby.

Mouncey is a former Australian men’s handball player, the AFL website said.

She stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds, the AFL reported.

Despite women’s AFL clubs interested in recruiting Mouncey — who played eight matches and kicked 17 goals in the Canberra Women’s League, the AFL noted — the AFL declined to let Mouncey participate in Wednesday’s draft.

The ruling was based on analysis of transgender strength, stamina and physique — as well as the AFLW just starting out — the league said.

The AFL said the subcommittee that made the decision believed Mouncey would have had an “unreasonable physical advantage over her opponents.”
The ruling doesn’t preclude Mouncey from future drafts, the AFL noted.

“While I am extremely disappointed with the AFL’s decision regarding my participation in tomorrow’s AFLW draft, I thank them for the genuine way in which they approached my situation,” Mouncey said in a statement, the AFL reported.

Again, the fact this is a topic that is now up for debate is mind boggling. The fact anyone would be upset over such a ruling, which I’m sure there are plenty of leftists foaming at the mouth over the incident, is ridiculous.

This individual clearly has a huge advantage over the competition, and honestly, the difference in size between Mouncey and the other women in the league could lead to serious injuries. This is the kind of problem you run into when you try to rewrite the laws of nature.

A man is a man if that’s what his DNA says, whether he mentally feels like one or not. Feelings do not change facts, no matter how hard we try to make it so. If this league had allowed a man of this size — yes, he’s a man — to play against women, it would send the message that women’s safety and their rights do not matter.

Fortunately common sense prevailed in this case. But one has to wonder how long it will last?


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