The charge: President Trump used his power as president to force the Ukrainian government into investigating his political rival for personal gain. There by exerting the a foreign government into the American election system.

What we know: President Trump has suspicions of Ukrainian government and their role in providing dirty intelligence about his campaign.

We also know:  Joe Biden is on record and even YouTube videos bragging about having a prosecutor fired in the Ukraine.

Questions We Have:  Why was it Joe Biden‘s and thus, the United States government concerned about a prosecutor in the Ukraine, if not for the fact his son, Hunter Biden,Could’ve been subject to investigation?

Another Question: If Trump was looking to investigate his political rivals for gain— which other rival of the 20+ that have announced running for office have alleged that the Trump administration is doing his investigation into them personally, or into their campaign?

The Assumption: That Joe Biden would end up winning the nomination to be the democrat nominee for president. When, and if this was the actually strategy of the president would it not make more sense to wait until he had the nomination before trying to tie the Ukraine around Joe’s neck?

Our Take: Joe Biden will not win the nomination for the democrats and an investigation will open into his role in the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor.

Update: Joe Biden has won the nomination and the issue of his role in firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin


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