With the onset of the transgender movement has come a downward spiral in modern American sexuality that has included the sort of kookiness you see in comedy movies, but unfortunately is now happening in real life.

Things already seemed to be heading in a bad direction when the majority of our culture decided that it would be acceptable to promote mental illness by telling folks if they felt like the opposite gender from their biological sex, hey you’re the opposite of what you were born as. Just do whatever you want.

But then, soon after, news stories started breaking about people “identifying” as cats, dogs, men pretending to be six-year-old children, all sorts of things that one day not long ago would’ve gotten you thrown in a mental hospital. Now it’s celebrated.

What’s worse is that in the “inclusive” movement among progressives, it was determined that little kids needed to be taught all about homosexuality, transgenderism, and all of that stuff in the classroom, since the state knows best.

There was little consideration given to the fact that teaching such values may undermine what parents are trying to instill in their children at home. In fact, the whole point was to subvert that authority, makes parents look dumb and outdated, and foster a parent-like role between the state and the child.

Well, folks, you simply ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Now a wacky liberal “tree hugging” professor is teaching students that it’s totally cool to have sex with trees.

Feel free to read that over and really let it sink in.

You are paying top dollar to send your kids to college, where they are learning about the importance of having sex with plant life and how that can save the environment.

via WND:

You can sensually roll in the mud, make passionate love to a hulking tree or even pursue a long-term romantic relationship with the ocean.

It’s all part of an eco-sex trend exploding on Google searches in the last year, thanks in part to art professor Elizabeth Stephens, who teaches at the University of California at Santa Cruz. The movement involves a combination of art, sex and environmentalism.

Stephens, who is also chairwoman of the art department at the California state-funded university, has been filmed in documentaries, or eco-sex flicks, doing “the nasty” with nature.

And, somehow, doing the deed with Earth is supposed to save the environment from human destruction.

This “tree-hugging” professor isn’t merely hugging trees. In the 2013 film “Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story,” she and her female partner massage river rocks, lick trees, frolic naked in a stream and slather mud on one another. Stephens is now working on “Water Makes Us Wet: An Ecosexual Adventure.” According to The College Fix, “Water Makes Us Wet” is set to debut in Germany this week.

In June, UC Santa Cruz announced that Stephens and performance artist Annie Sprinkle offered an “Ecosex walking tour.”

“Come experience 25 ways to make love to the Earth, raise awareness of environmental issues, learn ecosexercises, find E-spots, and climax with the planetary clitoris,” the UC Santa Cruz announcement stated. “You might discover that you are ecosexual too!”

There’s a chapter in the Bible — Romans 1 — that plainly states that people are so wicked and twisted up apart from Jesus that they will worship creation rather than the Creator. This might be one of the most literal fulfillments of a passage of Scripture I’ve ever witnessed with my own two eyes.

People are literally fornicating with the world God made, abusing the gift of their sexuality, and dishonoring the One who gave them life, and not only are they participating in the madness, they’re celebrating it and trying to get others to join them!

I think this should go without saying, but this is not normal behavior. Not even close. This is the kind of insanity that even those who agree with transgenderism should have no problem saying is nutty.

God created man and woman, gave them the institution of marriage, and as a means of sealing that covenant and representing the relationship of Christ to the church, He gave us sex.

Sex is good. It’s awesome. It’s a great gift from a loving Creator. But only when it is used the way He intended it to be used, and He has given us those guidelines in His written Word for us to have for all-time.

This sort of idolatry — and that’s what it is — is not only a gross offense to God, but it’s pure lunacy that one day, will be the stuff of embarrassment for our culture.

Let’s hope this is one trend that dies an early death.

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