Sunday night, Stephen Paddock opened fire from the window of his Las Vegas hotel room, killing 50 people down below and injuring 400 others. His victims were concert goers who had decided to come out and have a good time at a Jason Aldean concert when their peace and liberty were infringed upon by a maniac bent on destruction.

Many reports have surfaced since this attack, the most deadly ever carried out on American soil, claiming that Paddock was a recent convert to Islam and that he carried out this horrific assault under the authority of ISIS. We don’t yet know if that is actually true or been verified at this time.

Politicians on the left, along with their activist cronies, have made haste to try and point fingers at who is to blame for this incident, demanding more gun control laws, which is textbook leftist knee-jerk behavior. They are blaming the National Rifle Association, gun rights activists, the Second Amendment. Practically anyone but the shooter.

We cannot know for sure what drove this man to do what he did, but there is a deep investigation being conducted right this very moment, and authorities are releasing material that give us some insight into how events transpired.

Recordings of the SWAT team breaching the shooter’s room have now hit the Internet, and they are chilling. The suspect was already dead when he was found.

via Twitchy:

This is truly disturbing.

All we can do now is pray for the victims, their families, and all those who were injured in this nightmare scenario, and prepare ourselves for the onslaught of liberal attacks against the Second Amendment. They are going to come hard for our right to bear arms.

We cannot allow our society’s freedoms to be dictated or removed by criminals and terrorists. That’s giving them the power they crave.

If we want to really stick it to these kind of people, we need to continue enjoying our liberty and freedom, not allowing them to succeed in scaring us to give it all up.


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