California is known as the land of fruits and nuts, a title it has well earned over the last several decades as it has been on a rapid downward spiral toward hardcore socialism thanks to an ever growing population of liberals who have turned the place into a progressive wonderland.

Gun control is so tight there that there’s only one gun shop in the whole city. Least there was one left, I’m not so sure if that’s still open to be honest with you. Maybe a few more have opened up. We can hope, right?

Then there’s the outrageously high taxes and cost of living, both results of super bloated welfare programs and out of control government spending.

The list could go on and on, but we don’t have all day here, do we? Unlike those wonderful folks on the dole, most of us have to actually work for a living. Was that a bit of a cheap shot? My apologies, snowflake.

Anyhow, the condition of public schools in Cali are, as you might expect given the other issues briefly mentioned above, totally atrocious and basically just exist to indoctrinate kids with a leftist agenda designed to make them wards of the state.

The latest example of this comes from one school who has warned its students that they are not to chant “USA!” at events. Take a guess as to why.

via The Daily Wire:

Administrators at a California school are warning students not to chant “USA!” because doing so could be viewed as offensive and intolerant.

Officials at Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom, not far from Sacramento, say the chant is divisive and inappropriate at sporting events.

Said Folsom Cordova Unified Communications Director Daniel Thigpen: “To practice empathy, to practice kindness and to practice patriotism. You can do both.”

The California Interscholastic Federation, which oversees high school athletics, addressed the concerns with local districts, according to CBS-13.

“There’s a time and a place to yell that and cheer that,” CIF Commissioner Mike Garrison told the station.

“I want to chant USA because I want us to pull together and help, not because I want anybody to feel left out or not a part of our country,” said mother Natalie Woodbury. I’m glad that they will still allow our students to cheer for our country,” said mother Cody Santero.

Senior Ryan Bernal told the station he doesn’t chant “USA!” to be divisive. “To say USA, you know, we’re all the same. We’re all American. It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is or where you’re from.”

So, according to the left, it’s offensive to be proud of the country you live in, to believe it’s the best in the world and celebrate everything you love about it? Why? Just because a small minority of people are miserable wretches who hate liberty and freedom, who can’t hack it here in a capitalist society because they have to work hard and they might fail?

This is preposterous. Liberals hate our nation because it’s based on the idea of personal responsibility, where it ultimately falls on the individuals to pull themselves out of their bad situation. They want the easy road, the one where the government, funded by everyone else’s tax dollars, take care of them and they have no responsibility to do anything hard or meaningful with their lives. It’s ridiculous to the max.

Public schools seem to think the Constitution’s protection of free speech ends at the front door of the establishment or something, as if kids under 18 don’t have the right to freely express themselves and their beliefs.

Yet they suddenly do have rights when a kid comes out as gay or is a transgender, you know, when it’s convenient for progressives to take up the cause for the sake of getting more votes during election time.

I bet our grandparents and great-grandparents who sacrificed more than we could ever know to protect our way of life through wars and the Communist threat against our liberty would be deeply ashamed of what we’ve done with the gift they gave us that cost so much.

I know I am.

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