We are living in a world that seems to have thrown all of it’s inhibitions in the toilet and hit the handle with enthusiasm just to watch it all go down the the pipes.

No longer are we a nation that seeks to glorify God by saving sexual intimacy for marriage. No, we as a society want to feel pleasure as often as possible, regardless of whether it offends God or hurts others. So long as it feels good for the moment, right?

While we’ve seen all sorts of perversion being blasted all over the Internet and television that distorts the Lord’s good design for sex and marriage, what I’m about to show you next is taking things to a whole new level of weird. Seriously.

Typically I’m a huge fan when it comes to the advancement of technology, but when we start developing sex bots, I have to draw the line there.

A man from the United Kingdom indulges his sexual urges with, yes, a robot, and even allows the thing to sit around the house, in the open, around his wife and children.

Sounds like the beginning of a horrible science fiction show, doesn’t it?

via Yahoo News:

Phillip Schofield couldn’t believe his ears on This Morning after meeting a dad who lets his sex robot sit around the house — even when his kids are there.

Arran Lee Wright appeared on the show with ‘Samantha’, a sex robot he helped build.

“A sex robot is not to replace people and we’re not trying to replace women. It’s used as a supplement to help people,” he said.
“I believe it can do that – it helps people enhance their relationships.”

Asked where he stores ‘Samantha’ though, he told Schofield and co-host Holly Willoughby that he simply activates ‘family mode’.

Here’s where things get even weirder:

Wright’s wife, who was in the studio, said she wasn’t worried by ‘Samantha.

“I’m not offended to have her around or worried she might replace me. Not at all. She’s just someone there like a family member,” she said.

“I’m not worried because I’m not replaceable. It has enhanced our relationship. We have fun with her. I am not worried about someone else for Aaron to have an affair. It’s fun to have her around.”

Wow. Just wow. As a man who works online and has to immerse himself in the wackiness the world has to offer and often shares on the Internet, this might be one of the more bizarre things I’ve ever seen.

What is wrong with people?

This is absolutely not okay, especially with children in the home. It’s a very weird sort of perversion. And what makes his wife think she’s not replaceable?

This robot is much more convenient, doesn’t require romancing, doesn’t speak, and will do whatever he wants. Who wants to bet he is spending more time with the robot than with her?

Having sexual relationships with anyone or anything other than your spouse is a sinful behavior that requires repentance and faith in Christ. It damages your relationship with your spouse on an emotional and spiritual level, making her feel like she’s not desirable or wanted.

How awful would it be to feel as though you were less wanted than a machine covered in fake skin, essentially an overgrown Barbie doll with mechanical parts?


This isn’t even going into the psychological mess his children will be in when they figure all of this stuff out.

Sex is supposed to be an activity that is reserved for a husband and wife, for pleasure, procreation, and building intimacy with each other. It’s not for selfish gain or satisfaction, a fact this man clearly does not understand.

Pray for this world, y’all.

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