Liberals are constantly harping about the need for more gun control laws to prevent bad guys from getting guns and carrying out mass shootings.

The only problem is, the laws they already have on the books aren’t being enforced properly, which is why they aren’t working, yet they want more legislation. How about no?

Obama’s administration failed to prosecute the vast majority of criminals who attempted to illegally buy guns, the military didn’t properly notify the FBI about the Texas church shooter being a felon, and now, another man who carried out a shooting in California didn’t even need to buy guns.

He built them himself.

via Truth Revolt:

The talk of the town in Washington D.C. is more gun laws, as if one more piece of expensive legislation would stop a criminal bent on murder and destruction. Proving their point entirely moot is the recent Northern California mass shooting that ended with five killed, many injured, including elementary school children, and the gunman dead.

Investigators now say that the deceased shooter, identified as Keven Neal, didn’t obtain his rifles legally. Shocker!

Here’s what Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston of Tehama County said:

“These firearms are manufactured illegally, we believe, by him at his home. They were obtained in an illegal manner, not through a legal process. They’re not registered.”

As the Associated Press reported, Neal was also “prohibited from having guns as part of [a] restraining order.”

So, that’s owning illegally manufactured firearms, not registering them, making illegal weapons at home, and possessing guns while labeled a domestic abuser — all laws already on the books. And yet, the Left believes just one more gun law might’ve been the thing that stopped this killer.

So, again, what gun control law, including a ban, would’ve prevented Neal from having the means to carry out his reign of terror? Go ahead, I’m listening.

Precisely. Not a dang one. Bad guys don’t obey the law, folks. That’s sort of what makes them bad guys, you know, lawbreakers. They have no respect for the law and just do what their little hearts desire.

Again, the question becomes, how can more gun control laws be the solution to stopping these mass shootings when, in reality, the laws we already have don’t work?

The solution, of course, is the Second Amendment. You know, the right to bear arms, giving folks the chance to own tools for their own self-defense so they don’t have to wait around for criminals to kill them like sitting ducks?

We’ve tried everything else, why not give the Founders’ idea a shot?


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