There’s been a lot of debate over the last few years about the risk of NFL players suffering brain damage due to all the hits they take to the head, but given how thick skulled many of these spoiled brats seem to be, I think the concern is a bit overblown.

For going on two years now, players in the National Football League have been following the lead of a failed quarterback, you might have heard of him, Colin Kaepernick, who decided that since he can’t toss a football worth a hoot, maybe he could get some national attention by joining Black Lives Matter in protesting police during the National Anthem played before games.

Ever since, players have been taking a knee during the anthem, claiming to stand up for racial equality — sort of ironic using the phrase “stand up” in this context — not caring a bit that they have offended the honor of millions of Americans who have fought, served, lost limbs, and even died to preserve their freedom.

Average citizens have opted to boycott the NFL this season, putting a sizable dent in their weekly ratings. Some players have even lost sponsorships because of all of this.

You’d think that would cause these guys to rethink their protest strategy right? Since it’s essentially threatening their livelihood and all.

Nope. Instead, players for the New Orleans Saints decided to take things to the next level and kneel during a moment of silence for slain police officers. Deplorable to the max.

via TheBlaze:

Most New Orleans Saints players took a knee prior to the national anthem at their Sunday home game against the Detroit Lions and then stood for the anthem, just as they did the previous week, ESPN reported.

Problem was that players remained in their take-a-knee position during a moment of silence for fallen New Orleans Police Officer Marcus McNeil, 29, who was killed in the line of duty Friday, said.

Fans apparently didn’t like that one bit, and they booed the players, added.

Fans then cheered as the players stood for the anthem, said.

McNeil was one of four officers patrolling an area around 12:15 a.m. Friday when they “saw something that aroused their suspicion,” NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison told in a separate story.

When at least one officer exited a police car, a gunman opened fire and struck McNeil several times, the outlet reported.

McNeil collapsed at the scene and was pronounced dead at a hospital, said.

Here’s how fans responded:

This is truly disgusting in just about every single way. You can protest all day long against perceived injustices, use your social media platforms to promote causes, whatever.

But at least have enough decency to stand during the tribute for a man who served his community and lost his life looking to serve and protect others. After all, this guy did more with his life than any of the men on that football field will do over the course of their existence.

It’s time for a hard, hard boycott of the NFL. I’m not normally a fan of such measures because they largely don’t work, but this junk needs to stop, and there’s no other way it seems to get the message across.

Sporting events shouldn’t be turned into political rallies.


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