Image courtesy of Danielle Young, The Root.

A reporter for The Root has come out with a bombshell accusation on Rev. Jessie Jackson, a leading voice in the left movement.

Danielle Young accounts that while she was working for another company on an unspecified date, Jackson came into the office to give a keynote speech in front of the other employees. Afterward, the employees lined up to take pictures with Jackson.

Young remembers Jackson staring her up and down, before grabbing her thigh and saying “I like me some of that!” Visibly upset (as shown in the picture above), she recounts that his stare made her feel “naked in [her] sweater and jeans.”

Other employees of the company remember the day, and also remember Jackson being inappropriate with all the women who lined up to take a picture beside the civil rights leader, but wrote it off to Jackson being “a dirty old man.”

This is coming in the wake of 14 men accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct, Harvey Weinstein’s 76 accusers of harassment/assault, and James Toback’s potentially 300+ accusations. After Weinstein’s initial accusation, we saw many more women come out against him and others, very similar to what happened with Tiger Woods and Bill Cosby. Following this accusation on Jackson, I imagine that will be the same case.

I keep harping on the left and their repeated hypocrisy. People aren’t always happy about it, and I can almost understand why. I get many complaints via email over my columns, but if you have the ability to call out hypocrisy to a wide audience, why wouldn’t you do it?

The fact of the matter is that I will continue to call out hypocrisy from both the left and the right until we as a society start to practice what we preach.

The left has a funny way of moving from one sexual harassment case to another and no one seems to care. We are all outraged over Kevin Spacey since his initial allegation, but now he’s out free and everyone has gone back to normal.

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are not issues that we can simply skip over every time that they come to us. The lasting effects of sexual assault are going to stick with the victims far after the press stops covering them. Instead of covering these cases for a few days and then moving to the next story that will create ratings, why can’t our society create a safe place for men and women to come out with their stories?

Rest assured, there are more stories still out there that will be coming out in the near future. If leaders on the right are called out, so be it. We will cover them the same. But as of right now, it seems that the only high-profile celebrities being accused are leaders in the leftist movement. I’m sure it’s helping the whole “do what you want with your body” argument.


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