I’m a firm believer in the Bible — as you can all probably tell if you’ve read any of my previous work — so I totally believe God created animals and that the proper care of them is an integral part of taking dominion over the world.

We aren’t to be animal abusers who beat these delightful creatures who come from a good, just, holy God, nor are we to end their lives in a cruel manner when it comes to getting food that we need for sustenance.

Yes, believe it or not, there are humane ways of killing animals for food. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it all out.

Many animals like cats and dogs provide us with companionship, joy, laughter, and even health benefits like lowered blood pressure.

In short, they are awesome.

However, there are some people in this great country of ours who are simply out of their ever loving minds and take caring for animals to a whole new level. Some would call it idolatry.

A group of animal rights activists called Direct Action Everywhere, have taken it upon themselves to right a serious injustice, one of the most heinous of our time.

They’re storming grocery stores and giving funerals to the poultry in the meat section.

You can’t make this stuff up. Check out this video.

This isn’t this groups first rodeo either.

Via TheBlaze:

Direct Action Everywhere, the California-based animal rights activists who gave us last month’s “Chicken Lady” video showing the group confronting diners eating in a trendy California restaurant, have added a new tactic to their playbook: funerals for frozen chickens.

And they are holding these “funerals” in grocery stores, during business hours.

The group recently executed a protest in a Berkeley, California, grocery store and recorded the entire event for its YouTube channel. The video begins with a young man lifting a frozen chicken from the poultry section and carrying it to the store’s meat department.

After yelling the group’s mantra, “It’s not food, it’s violence,” mourners in black clothing — some carrying flowers — assemble and a coffin appears. The frozen chicken is placed inside the casket and the funeral begins.

Store security makes a few attempts to shut down the protest/funeral, even standing in front of one of the cameras recording the event. Eventually, the coffin is ceremoniously carried through the store to the checkout area. Police eventually arrive on the scene and store security tells the protesters, “You gotta go. Cops are here. You gotta go.”

I’m sorry, I don’t usually like to just ruthlessly poke fun of people, but this is pure insanity.

A funeral for a frozen chicken? Really?

I totally understand that some slaughter houses really do a horrible job in caring for the animals they use to produce their products and might use less than savory methods of execution to put them down, but surely there are better, less crazy ways to make your point.

The Book of Romans talks at length about how mankind often worships the created thing rather than the Creator, bowing down to animals and other assorted false idols.

This is literally an example of that Scripture coming to life, right before our very eyes, in 21st century America. For those who don’t think idol worship is a thing in such a civilized society, you stand corrected.

What’s truly infuriating about this mess is the great lengths these folks were willing to go to in order to protect the imaginary rights of an animal, yet they’ll whole heartedly support the slaughter of the unborn without batting an eye.

In fact, they demand permission to murder human children, made in the image of God, on demand with no regrets, sneering, smiling, and creating hashtags on Twitter to celebrate the occasion.

We have truly become a morally bankrupt people when we care far more about animals than we do fellow human beings.

These Direct Action Everywhere folks are so inconsistent in their views of “life being sacred” that if it weren’t so tragic it would be worthy of a few chuckles.

Why should these people be taken seriously in their claims when they aren’t out protesting abortion clinics? Until they are consistent in their proclamation and cause, why would I or anyone else with common sense give them the time of day?

The short answer is: We shouldn’t.

God Himself even gave us permission to kill animals as a food source, so there’s nothing inherently wrong with eating them. Again, I understand they should be treated well and killed humanely. I have no beef with that at all. See what I did there?

The problem comes with the above mentioned hypocrisy involving abortion. A nation that will not stand up for the most weak and defenseless among them and is willing to sacrifice children on the altar of expedience is doomed to fail.

This is the direction we are headed. Let’s hope things turn around and common sense becomes a thing again.


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