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American colleges are riddled with far-left professors and outraged students yelling about issues of which they typically are blind to. When looking at this subject, I have always taken the approach that students are either liberal or conservative before they get to college, but the ability to live on their own, away from their parents, will likely make them more vocal in their opinions.

On my campus of Western Carolina University, things are no different. The vast majority of professors being far-left, I have found that a respectful conversation with these professors can go a long way to pushing you to have your own belief system.

That is not the case for students under Robert Ranco, Adjunct Professor of Paralegal Studies at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas.

In a tweet reported by Campus Reform, Ranco is quoted saying:

“I’m not wishing for it… but I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted.”

At the time, Ranco was also working for The Carlson Law Firm based out of Texas. Since, he has resigned and the firm issued the following statement:

“Taking full responsibility for the impact of his comments, Rob has apologized to the firm and resigned.

That said, there are a few things we would like to add:

• We understand your outrage

• We believe what Rob said is unacceptable and reprehensible

• Above and beyond the unwanted attention, we are genuinely disgusted at being associated with such comments in any way

• We believe that people are entitled to their political opinions, even when we do not all share those opinions, but there are some lines you simply cannot cross

• We believe Rob crossed such a line in a truly awful attempt to make a point and he alone bears responsibility for that”

“Taking full responsibility for his comments,” really? Taking responsibility for your comments does not absolve you from facing the consequences.

Ranco should know…… being an attorney and all.

My next question is to Austin Community College, and where is his resignation letter from the university? I’m glad to see that a gentleman with such high class has an impact on the education of our future. I’m definitely glad to see a taxpayer-funded institution keep him on the payroll.

If you’re like me and sickened by the comments, be sure to let Austin Community College know how you feel.

Stay political, my friends.


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