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A professor from Boise State University is discovering first hand just how “tolerant” many folks on the left truly are when you challenge their beliefs or narratives, especially when it comes to college students.

Scott Yenor, who is tenured at the university, has taken some serious heat on the Boise State campus from liberals who are miffed about several articles published by The Heritage Foundation and The Daily Signal about the similarities between the transgender movement and feminism.

Yenor pointed out that both movements have a similar philosophy and have a goal of undermining traditional family values.

via The Daily Signal:

He wrote in a Daily Signal article on Aug. 2:

Transgender rights activists are seeking to abridge parental rights by elevating the independent choices of young children. Respecting the sexual and gender “choices” of ever-younger children erodes parental rights and compromises the integrity of the family as an independent unit.

In response, students, activists, and even staff members at Boise State are now waging a relentless campaign to get Yenor fired or shut down.

A petition to have Yenor fired—which has now gained thousands of signatures—has been passed around on campus. Activists have posted flyers attacking him, and some have called for other faculty to come out and officially condemn him.

Despite these calls, Boise State has said it will not fire Yenor, according to The College Fix.

In an interview with The Daily Signal, Yenor explained how the crusade against his work and others that challenge left-wing orthodoxy on campus is undercutting free speech at our colleges and universities.

The result of the reaction to his work, Yenor said, is that “there has been a very chilling effect on not only my speech, but those who would speak in defense of me both on the substance, and on the principle of academic freedom.”

And at an Aug. 29 faculty senate meeting, Boise State professor Lynn Lubamersky said that while she believes in free expression, she thinks that because of the opinions expressed in The Daily Signal article, Yenor “violated clear policies that govern our institution, our statement of shared values, and the State Board of Education policy regarding academic freedom and most important, our concern for our students.”

“The majority of our university is made up of women and transgendered people,” Lubamersky continued. “[Yenor’s] public statements published with the byline: Boise State University (BSU) professor of political science, a real violation of the rights of women and transgendered students.”

“The position seems to be that anyone who would do research in areas that don’t affirm the contemporary views, should be shut down,” Yenor said.

Boise State student Ryan Orlando called for his school to “part ways” with Yenor in an article he penned for The Odyssey.

“There are a multitude of morally reprehensible notions in Yenor’s writing which constitute a dangerous ideology that warrants separation from the university,” Orlando wrote.

“In our belief, this is hate speech, and it’s alienating a lot of folks in this Boise State community,” said Joe Goode, a member of the Boise State Young Democrats, according to KTVB.

Isn’t it scary to think that a genuine challenge with actual data that’s well researched isn’t welcome simply because it goes against the popular stance on an issue held by popular culture?

If we are truly to be people who pursue after the truth, shouldn’t we be willing to allow the facts to takes us where ever they lead, regardless of whether or not that challenges our previously held belief?

Allowing our ideas and beliefs to duke it out on the battlefield of ideas is what prevents our society from stagnating and why we have always excelled in every way over other countries around the world.

I hope one day we make a return to those days and rediscover how to have decent conversations with each other on these important topics without wanting to harm one another.


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