Many professional football players in the NFL proved this weekend, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are classless, tasteless, attention hounds who have no respect for the country that has afforded them the opportunity to become millionaires playing a game.

For the last year, the NFL has been embroiled in a controversy stirred up by former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick who took a knee during the National Anthem to protest “racism,” a publicity stunt that spread like wildfire across the league.

Fans weren’t happy with it, so they stopped watching the games in record numbers, which you’d think would send the message to knock it off.

Nope. A number of players started the trend up again this season, which caught the eye of President Trump, who immediately took to Twitter and slammed these ingrates hard for their disrespect.

The crybaby millionaires responded with an almost league wide protest during the National Anthem on Sunday, including an egregious display by Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants who raised a Black Panther fist and then later pretended to pee like a dog during his touchdown celebration.

Wouldn’t it just be nice if a little bit of justice got dealt out to these dolts for dishonoring the flag and our troops who have given so much to preserve our freedom? It surely would.

Well, apparently, someone decided to get back at Beckham Jr., snatching up the domain name, and rerouting it here:

Could President Trump have bought the domain and just trolled this guy?

Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility, but who can know for sure?

Regardless, it’s pretty darn hilarious, and I think the message of boycotting the games is a good idea. Maybe eventually what the viewers think of this topic will sink through their skulls.



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