Ever since the birth of the Department of Education — a vile statist institution created by progressives to gain control over the shaping and molding of young minds — there has been an increasing hostility towards expressions of faith in the classroom and on the football field.

Kids are being reprimanded for reading their Bibles in school or talking about Jesus and the gospel with their friends, simply for exercising their right to both freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

It used to be, back before our nation abandoned the God who made this country possible, that prayer and reading the Scriptures were a regular part of school curriculum, an encouraged endeavor that helped children not only understand the message of salvation, but the proper way to behave in society.

Well, once angry atheists got their way and evolution began being taught in school, they kept pushing harder and harder to remove the influence of Christianity from the education system, with one simple goal in mind: indoctrination.

All it takes these days to get some form of religious expression banned from the classroom or athletics field is one complaint from someone who “feels offended.”

This is precisely what happened to the students at West Virginia’s Clay County High School. Some delicate snowflake disliked the school’s tradition of praying over the loudspeakers before game time and complained to the school board.

The school board, not wanting to rock the boat and risk losing any of their funds from the Department of Education, opted to stop the prayer and observe a moment of silence instead.

It seems the overwhelming majority of school administrators these days lack a spine, dropping to their knees in humble submission to the state at the drop of a hat.

Clay County Schools Superintendent Joe Paxton told the media, “This is a situation that is unfortunately out of our hands. The U.S. Supreme Court is the supreme law of the land.”

Apparently this fellow has no idea how our system of government is supposed to work, nor what the actual Constitution says about freedom of speech and the expression of religion.

This man is in charge of educating children, folks. Things like this are why more and more kids seem less and less “in the know” about important issues.

What Mr. Paxton here doesn’t seem to understand is that the Supreme Court is not the supreme law of the land, the Constitution is. The Supreme Court was never created to be an entity that creates laws or enforces them. The enforcement of the law is the executive branch’s function.

See, the Constitution, that small document that outlines how our government is supposed to work, separated the three branches of government to prevent one branch from usurping authority from the others through a system of carefully placed checks and balances. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court and the Executive Branch have done a stellar job at sucking up the power from the legislative branch, which is a big no-no.

Anyway, the students of the school weren’t too happy about the decision to end the prayer. Here’s how they responded.

via TheBlaze:

And the Sept. 1 game between Clay County High School and Braxton County High School marked the first time the ban on prayer over the loudspeakers was in effect, the station said.

Of course, if students decide they want to pray, that’s a totally different story.

And that’s exactly what players — from both teams — had in mind.

When the moment of silence was announced, the opposing teams rushed to the center of the field, took a knee and prayed aloud, joined by many in the bleachers, WSAZ said.

Some fans even wore “I’m gonna pray anyway” T-shirts.

Clay County High School Principal Crystal Gibson told WSAZ “during that moment of silence, if anyone wishes to pray … by all means I wish that they would. That’s their right to do so, and I’ll be doing so at that same time.”

She told the station that “most of the community I do believe supports prayer.”

How angry must the poor sap who complained about the prayer over the loudspeaker be to know that not only did they actually fail in their endeavor to force others to bow to their worldview, they actually sparked a movement that blasted prayer and faith to the forefront of the community.

This ban got people talking about God, about faith, about the place of religion in the daily lives of individuals, both in public and private.

It’s helping to spread the gospel, not just in this town, but now across the country, making folks turn their attention to matters of faith and self-expression.

People from all over are supporting these folks and commenting about the story. That has to be rubbing the crybaby complainer the wrong way.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how we as believers beat the efforts of atheists who want to force the world to abandon God and remove all traces of Him from public life.

Godly resistance is the key. This is the sort of thing the Apostles did in the book of Acts. They were repeatedly told by the Jewish authorities to stop preaching about Jesus or else they would be punished.

They refused, stating they needed to obey God rather than men. The persecution they endured actually caused the gospel to spread like wildfire.

The opponents of Christianity who were trying to stamp out the religion, actually helped spread it around. Just like this lone atheist did here.

May God bless these young people and help them mature in their faith.

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