Planned Parenthood, the baby murdering chop shop and leading provider of abortions in America, really needs to find someone with a bit more Internet savvy to run their social media page, or at least tell the current schmuck in the position to learn how to proofread.

This disgusting, bloodthirsty organization put out a tweet about immigration being a reproductive justice issue.

Their choice of words to articulate their point immediately caught the attention of the Internet, with tons of Twitter users pointing out the obvious hypocrisy and irony that seems to have flown over the heads of these dopes.

via Twitchy:

What’s truly tragic is the fact that after such a huge victory last year, essentially gaining control over all three branches of government, we haven’t been able to defund Planned Parenthood and shut them down.

What, exactly, is the GOP’s problem? Why is not more being done to stop this holocaust happening right before our eyes each and every day? It’s appalling that so many pro-life Christians aren’t doing more to end the scourge of abortion.

At least a little progress is being made, but how can we as a nation expect God to bless our nation if we don’t stop murdering our most vulnerable citizens?

We can’t, and He won’t.


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