If you’re a 90’s kid like me, you likely remember the extremely cheesy, totally corny, “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” television series.

This show was designed to help kids see how fun and entertaining science could be, in hopes of sparking interest in future generations for the various fields that make up this discipline.

As a former fan of the show, you can imagine my shock when I discovered this Bill Nye fellow was a total hack, a fake, a phony. He’s not a scientist at all. He’s an engineer, and it turns out he only has a Bachelor’s in that field, therefore he’s not even a true expert in engineering either!

And yet, this man continues to pass himself off as a bona fide scientist, weighing in on hot button issues like global warming as if he possesses the credentials to be an authority other folks should listen to.

Well, it seems Nye also has an interest in social engineering too, as he recently made some comments about kids as young as three being able to choose their gender.

A supposed man of science is throwing observable, verifiable, testable facts about biological sex and human DNA straight down the garbage shoot, all for the sake of remaining culturally relevant.

Well, an actual scientist has decided enough is enough and has taken the TV star and wannabe science guy to the woodshed over his claims.

Via Activist Mom:

I am an actual “science guy.” Since pretending to be a scientist seems to pay big these days, I’ll start with my qualifications. I have been a family practice and pediatric physician for twenty years who treats 30 to 45 patients per day on a range of medical issues from heart disease to sexual dysfunction to psychiatric illness.

A video in my inbox revealed Bill Nye asserting that children as young as three years old can choose to change their gender! According to Mr. Nye somone can even choose to be “asexual.” Really? I would expect this kind of propaganda from a condom-distributing, child-abusing organization like Planned Parenthood, but a science program? Take a look!

“Some will take whatever they can get?” Ha! Ha! Ha! Here comes the uproarious laughter from the audience! Mr. Science Guy advocating for people having sex with “whatever they can get” is deemed hilarious by this audience? Who is this audience? Are we that sick and confused as a country? Or were they paid to be there? I digress.

Anyway, a human being male or female is a physiologic reality, Mr. Nye, just as objectively verifiable as your answer to the question of whether they are human, and for the same reason. A scientific question merits a scientific answer. Wishing your maleness away does not make it go away. Every homosexual is by nature a physiologic heterosexual by design. We are talking about scientific realities, not feelings and desires, but objective data.

The building blocks of science are objective data, Mr. Nye. This is elementary biology! Men have sperm. Sperm have a design. Women have ovaries and eggs based upon a hormonal cycle. If the egg and sperm meet in the fallopian tube, a human embryo is formed, which later attaches to the inner lining of the uterus and forms a pregnancy. These designs are physiologic realities like positive and negative poles of a magnet. They are based upon objective data. Let’s look at some more of Mr. Nye’s unscientific leftist propoganda that he is trying to pass off as “science.”

Someone cannot change their objective biological design through a wish anymore than they can become a tree through a wish. Especially three-year-olds! What kind of psychotic Frankenscientist would assert that three-year-olds can change their gender?

Yes Mr. Nye, to quote you, we have to listen to the science!! The science proves that there are those who suffer from biological mutations and phenotypic aberrancies, like hermaphrodites, or children born with abnormal genitalia and malfunctioning reproductive systems, but these are abnormalities that require compassionate medical treatment. These abnormalities are medical diseases that cause suffering, not something to be celebrated.

You guys smell that? Take a quick whiff. That, my friends, is the smell of roasted science fraud filling the air.

This physician’s take on this issue is a breath of fresh air, a beacon of light shining through the darkness, proving not everyone in the scientific community has lost their minds.

We must continue to stand firm on what we know is true, exposing lies and falsehoods at every turn, providing light and hope for those lost in the throes of a culture gone mad. Otherwise we are truly lost, just like Bill Nye, the not-so-science-guy.


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