If you have not yet had your daily dose of insanity yet, allow me to serve you up something really, really special. I bet you’re going to love this.

One of the big accusations Christians get lobbed at them like volleys of grenades is the whole “you’re anti-science,” junk. Because apparently, believing in first causes — like God for example — as a requirement for meeting the laws of logic and being a sane, rational human being is totally not compatible with “science.”

Never mind the fact God created science, which is basically an exploration of natural revelation designed with many mind-blowing intricacies that point us to the necessity of a Creator.

Anyway, in reality, it’s the leftists who are anti-science, and this can clearly be proven in their total abandonment of reason and proven scientific fact in their embrace of the lunacy of transgenderism.

After all, it’s a concrete fact, proven over thousands and thousands and thousands of years, that a human being is either biologically male or female, and such a determination comes from their DNA, something that cannot be altered.

Yet, despite the mountain of both physical and philosophical evidence that exists, educators in California aren’t going to allow parents to yank students out of transgender lessons in school.

These people not only seem to have utter contempt for actual science, but they hate parental authority as well.

via LifeSiteNews:

The California charter school board rocked by controversy over a five-year-old boy who transitioned to a “girl” in kindergarten has unanimously voted not to let children opt out of lessons on transgenderism.

After a five-hour, highly charged meeting attended by more than 500 people Monday night, the Rocklin Academy School board rejected a “model parental rights” proposal put forward by parents’ rights groups Capitol Resource Institute and backed by the California Family Council, Pacific Justice Institute, and Alliance Defending Freedom.

The model proposal would allow parents to review sensitive material before it hits the classroom and to opt their children out of controversial lessons that are not sex education. California law requires parental notice and opt-out for sex education.

And while the five-member board approved a policy to notify parents for lessons on controversial subjects, the amendment was “really weak,” says Greg Burt of the California Family Council.

“There’s no mandatory requirement,” he told LifeSiteNews.

The board policy directs teachers to “try to notify parents” when “something controversial comes up” but “doesn’t require any accountability if the teacher doesn’t do it,” Burt said.

If you still don’t think that progressives are all about that indoctrination, you’re either stupid, blind, or have your head shoved up a place so dank, dark, and smelly that there’s no hope of you seeing the light of day.

This is a clear cut case of the state believing they know what is better for a child than his or her — ONLY his or her — parents do, giving little concern for the values, worldviews, and beliefs these people are trying to teach their children.

God gave the responsibility of educating children to parents. It’s right there in Deuteronomy 6. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to homeschool, though I’d highly recommend that you do, no matter what sacrifices have to be made to make it happen.

What it means is that parents are to be instilling biblical values into their children and making sure their education is well rounded, accurate, and full of truth. This means playing an active role in finding good schools and teachers.

Should a school teach something contrary to their values, it’s the obligation of the parent to opt that kid out of the class or find a new school.

Again, this is up to the parent, not the state. The state is clearly trying to usurp authority given to the parent by God, essentially putting themselves in the place of God Himself but not allowing parents to have a choice here.

Since this school is teaching lives, parents are obligated to take action, whether that’s pulling kids out and moving them elsewhere, hiring a private instructor, or homeschooling themselves.

That’s how we fight back against this nonsense. We strip the bloated government run education system of its power.

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