You’ve probably heard of that old story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” but in twenty-first century America it’s more like “The Lefty Who Screamed Racism.”

The charge of “racism” gets thrown around willy nilly by liberals all of the time, so much so that it’s really lost it’s sting and it’s meaning as it seems everything to these people is racist and derogatory, whether it really is or not.

Well, Oberlin College, one of the nation’s most notoriously liberal institutions of higher education is finding out the hard way that being a knee jerk reactionary quick to toss out charges of racism is a bad, bad move.

They accused a local business of being racist, a charge that proved false, and are now being sued for libel.

via The Daily Wire:

The famously liberal Oberlin College and its vice president and dean of students are now facing a libel and slander suit for allegedly supporting a protest campaign against a local business. In a series of protests that included hundreds of students, faculty and staff, the bakery was accused of being “racist” for seeking to prosecute three students — one of whom is white — for shoplifting, a crime for which all three pleaded guilty.

In a story that, as HotAir’s Jazz Shaw puts it, is yet another example of a business bearing the brunt of social justice warrior hysteria for being “insufficiently ‘woke,'” local bakers became the target of a protest for supposedly being “racist” because they were pressing charges for a violent shoplifting incident to which all three culprits ended up pleading guilty. Despite the accusations being wholly unfounded, the massively expensive college, and particularly the vice president, allegedly supported student-led efforts to damage the bakery’s business.

The Morning Journal published an article on the lawsuit Thursday that provides some rather damning details regarding Oberlin’s role in helping to fuel the unfounded student protests. The suit, filed on behalf of David and Allyn Gibson on Nov. 7, accuses the college and Vice President and Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo of supporting the business-damaging, unfounded protests last year.

“Jonathan Aladin, 20, Cecelia Whettston, 19, and Endia Lawrence, 20, pleaded guilty in August to charges of attempted theft and aggravated trespassing. Aladin also pleaded guilty to underage purchase of alcohol,” the Journal reports. “Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James L. Miraldi placed the trio on one year of community control and ordered them to pay restitution to the store. As part of the plea deal, they were required to read statements explicitly stating the incident was not racially motivated.”

The lawsuit says that even though the students stated themselves that the action taken against them was not racially motivated, the college helped students unfairly protest the store in order to promote the college’s image of having a “legacy of being a strong advocate for and a strong supporter of African American students and racial minorities.”

The claim that the bakery had a “long account of racial profiling” was undermined by a police department investigation that found that “of the 40 adults arrested for shoplifting at Gibson’s Bakery in the past five years, only six were African American.”

This is why you shouldn’t toss around false allegations of racism and call people names constantly without any proof to back up your claims.

Leftists have been getting away with slandering people for far too long, and it’s time people start fighting back — in a non-violent way of course — against this nonsense.

It’s going to take steps like this bakery took to get through the thick skulls of the young and brain washed who make up the modern day progressive movement.


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