One of the biggest social topics we hear about day in and day out is that of racism, which of course, anyone with a human soul knows is an utterly disgusting and atrocious behavior that ought to be shunned.

A person is valuable, regardless of color because they are made in the image of God. No race is superior to another. No race is inferior to another. Period.

And racism is a human problem. There are folks of every walk of life who are racist and prejudiced, however, if you believe the progressive ideological system, that’s not true.

It seems that, according to them, the only racist people on the planet are whites. It’s virtually impossible for blacks, latinos, or any other ethnicity to be racist.

If that’s the case, what exactly do you call an op-ed piece published in one of the largest media outlets in the country — The New York Times — that says black parents shouldn’t let their kids be friends with white kids because of Donald Trump?

From The Daily Wire:

On Sunday, The New York Times published an op-ed by Yeshiva University law professor Ekow N. Yankah, questioning whether, in the era of Trump, black parents should allow their children to integrate, in any way, with their white peers.

According to the piece, Yankah, who is black, says he’ll be teaching his two sons to “have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible” and that segregation, based on color lines, may be the only way to avoid the need for black children “to abandon personal regard and self-worth.”

Yankah claims that those who voted for Trump “are practiced at purposeful blindness,“ and “have watched racial pornography, describing black America as pathological,” and that:

Only white people can cordon off Mr. Trump’s political meaning, ignore the “unpleasantness” from a position of safety. His election and the year that has followed have fixed the awful thought in my mind too familiar to black Americans: “You can’t trust these people.”

The same is true, unfortunately, of those who hold no quarter for Mr. Trump but insist that black people need to do the reaching out, the moderating, the accommodating. Imagine the white friend during the civil rights era who disliked blacks’ being beaten to death but wished the whole thing would just settle down. However likable, you could not properly describe her as a friend. Sometimes politics makes demands on the soul.

“For African-Americans, race has become a proxy not just for politics but also for decency,” Yankah continues. “White faces are swept together, ominous anxiety behind every chance encounter at the airport or smiling white cashier. If they are not clearly allies, they will seem unsafe to me.”

So his solution to ending racism is segregation? His idea of unity is to be cordoned off according to our skin color and just barely tolerate each other?

Yeah that sounds like a pretty crappy idea. We are all part of God’s creation and as such, we need to learn to love one another, black and whites both.

You see, there’s issues on both sides. Unfortunately, only one side is expected to own up to their problems, while the other gets away with the same horrible behavior just because of their skin color.

That’s not how solving racism works. It needs to be addressed as a universal human issue, otherwise it never goes away.

Until folks from every walk of life are willing to admit their part in the problem, things will just continue the way they are.


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