North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continues to demonstrate his hostility toward the United States and every other Western nation in the free world by refusing to end the country’s illegal nuclear weapons program, despite all of the pressure being applied by President Trump and the U.N.

The Communist regime lashed out at Trump over the weekend, calling the president an “old lunatic” — a rich choice of words from a homicidal maniac dictator — claiming nothing would make them stop their program.

Tensions between the U.S. and N. Korea have been at an all time high over the last several months, with the regime continuing to defy orders to cease development of nuclear weapons and testing missiles, some of which flew over the nation of Japan.

via NY Daily News:

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday issued its first official statement on President Donald Trump’s trip to Asia, slamming Trump for trying to denuclearize the North.

The ministry said that Trump’s trip “is a warmonger’s trip for confrontation with our country, trying to remove our self-defensive nuclear deterrent.”

It accused Trump of trying to demonize North Korea, keep it apart from the international community and undermine its government.

The ministry said, “Reckless remarks by an old lunatic like Trump will never scare us or stop our advance. On the contrary, all this makes us more sure that our choice to promote economic construction at the same time as building up our nuclear force is all the more righteous, and it pushes us to speed up the effort to complete our nuclear force.”

This is certainly a scary, tense situation, one that seems more and more likely to devolve into an armed military conflict if not resolved sometime very, very soon.

North Korea has overstepped their bounds for far, far too long, and this problem we now face has very little to do with Trump.

Several presidents have had the opportunity to deal with this country and it’s nuttiness and have done basically nothing. Now, the choice to avoid the issue is coming back to haunt us in a big way.

Kim Jong Un has been emboldened by the weak leadership of President Obama for over eight years, which created a monster who doesn’t want to get back in his cage now that someone with a bit more back bone is sitting in the office.

Let’s hope this can get resolved with the least amount of bloodshed possible.


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