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The country of no moral practicality, no human rights, and no true allies has threatened the strongest defense force in the history of the world.

The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to vote on massive sanctions to be levied on North Korea, which has sparked quite the debate in the political world. The country’s leader Kim Jong Un has threatened “pain and suffering” upon the United States and the rest of the UN Security Council ahead of the vote.

Looking at the council, there are fifteen countries represented, with five of whom being permanent members. Currently, Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Sweden, Ukraine, and Uruguay are sitting on the board until the end of their terms, but the United States, U.K., Russia, China, and France sit on the board permanently.

Given the five permanent members of this board, it is estimated that they control 15,045/15,340 nuclear weapons in existence today.

North Korea? Well, it still isn’t certain that they have one.

So for a country to be making this sort of threat against a force of nations as the Security Council, one would assume that the country has some fairly strong allies, right?

According to CNN, China has agreed to the measures and is looking to resolve the issue with North Korea peacefully.

What kind of “pain and suffering” are we facing, coming from a country who only keeps their government stable by keeping its people in the dark? Not much. Their country is made up of 25 million people, with estimations of 2,500,000 being politically targeted to starve to death.

Countries know about this sort of treatment to the North Korean people, yet have done nothing thus far to stop it. As many as 120,000 people are living in labor camps as the government continues its downward spiral of spending all its money on false attempts to secure a nuclear weapon and luxuries for the elite, including a “mandatory celebration” in the streets this past weekend to mark the anniversary of their country.

But getting back to the point, what are some of the major sanctions being placed on the rogue country?

  • Full ban on oil exports to North Korea
  • Freeze on all Kim Jong Un and North Korean government assets held overseas

Among other sanctions being placed on the country, these two in particular count as a spit in the eye to the country, as it also begins to squeeze the life out of their government. Even further, in the wake of more nuclear tests, and with no clear oil reserve, a ban on oil coming into their country puts a real strain on their ability to conduct more testings.

It is worth noting how different this situation is being taken than the approach of the Obama administration when dealing with Iran. Instead of giving the country money to stop attempting to produce nuclear weapons, we are now sucking the lifeblood out of countries who refuse to cooperate with the UN Security Council.

Through years of the Obama administration, tensions between the U.S. and China have been high over the North Korea conflict. But only months into Donald Trump’s tenure, the smoke has been cleared and China is agreeing to forgo their veto power on the Security Council in order to see this be resolved. Russia is on the same page.

What a difference that conservative leadership makes, am I right?

Stay political, my friends.


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