U.S. Senator Barack Obama, Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, addresses members of the League of United Latin American Citizens at the league's 79th National Convention and Exposition in Washington D.C., July 8, 2008. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Dawn M. Price/Released)

A new report has recently come out that details how the Obama administration purposefully downplayed the strength of radical Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda leading up to the 2012 election.

Why would he do such a thing? To up his chances of being reelected of course. What else?

While this certainly is disturbing, given Obama’s track record, it’s not exactly surprising.

From TheBlaze:

Rukmini Callimachi, one of the leading terrorism reporters in the U.S., said at a conference on Friday the Obama administration controlled the media’s narrative about Al Qaeda in the run-up and during the 2012 election by minimizing the terrorist network.

“The overall narrative that I think was being pushed to the press, and if you look back at the editorials that were done when that trove came out, was an image of bin Laden isolated, he had lost control of this group,” Callimachi said, according to the Weekly Standard. She was referring to a hand-picked packet of 17 documents the Obama administration released in May 2012 about Al Qaeda.

She added:

Think back to when bin Laden was killed. It was 2011, it was right before a major campaign season. I don’t want to underplay the role that the killing of Osama bin Laden had. But I think that that was theorized into something much bigger.

The head of the organization has been killed, and now — these are literally quotes that I would get: the organization has been “decimated,” the organization is in “disarray,” the organization is “on the run.” At the same time that we were preparing to pull out troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, I think that it was important to portray this as a problem that no longer existed.

When former President Obama was running for reelection, much of his campaign focused on foreign policy, so it’s not surprising he would want to downplay the strength and sophistication of radical Islamic terror groups, otherwise he would look weak on terror and people wouldn’t feel safe with him in office. And that translates into lost votes.

Obama needed to make sure he controlled the narrative, because as it turns out, Mitt Romney was actually right about most of the foreign policy matters discussed in the election.

This is just one more item of corruption and sleaziness to add to the ever growing list that has marred the Obama era in the White House. What a legacy to leave behind.


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