The Democratic Party is as far left as it’s ever been in its history, often adopting socialistic policy positions and championing a stiflingly large government that’s intrusive in just about every area of life.

With Obamacare, a bloated public education system, environmental regulations, and all sorts of other measures taken to redistribute wealth, one would think the party had hit the wall and could shift no further left.

That, of course, is completely wrong. But what’s truly scary is that a new poll that was conduct shows that 52 percent of those who currently consider themselves Democrat are ready for them to make yet another massive shift to the left.

via The Free Beacon:

That belief was especially strong among younger Democrats: 69 percent of Democrats ages 18-34 said they supported those movements, according to an October Harvard-Harris poll. The Democratic Party has had an ongoing feud between its left wing and the party establishment, while younger voters have supported candidates further to the left.

Urban Democrats were more likely to support a leftward push than suburban and rural Democrats.

Although a majority of Democrats polled wanted a leftward push, only 29 percent of Democrats said that would help their party’s politicians to win elections.

The only age group that said a more liberal Democratic Party would help Democrats win is the youngest demographic, Democrats aged 18-34.

Far more young voters support the investigations, but even still, only 51 percent of Democrats say they’re helping the country. Overall, only 37 percent of voters think the Russia investigations are helping the country.

Oh and guess who the fan favorite is among liberal politicians? Sen. Bernie Sanders. Big shock, right?

If the Democratic Party goes any farther to the left, they will have to chance their name to the Socialist Party, or worse, the Communist Party, because it seems if they are left unchecked, that’s precisely where they are headed.

Long gone are the days of the Kennedy or Reagan Democrat, which, though liberal in many positions, still possessed common sense on many others and sought debate and discussion on the issues of the day.

Our country has been on a slippery slope toward big government statism for well over a century, but it seems as if we’re sprinting toward the end of the cliff these days. Hopefully these young people will wake up to reality and see that such a system of government as the one they desire has been tried throughout history and failed. The results will be no different for them.


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