Hollywood seems bound and determined to shove the LGBT agenda down the throats of American citizens whether they like it or not, turning what would normally be fun pieces of entertainment into political soap boxes.

The latest example of such activity comes from the “Roseanne” reboot — because originality is apparently dead — which will feature network television’s first ever “gender non-binary” character.

The left has discovered that wrapping their agenda in movies and television helps them spread their message better and lands their pet causes in front of more sets of eyes. Clearly, folks these days are much more easily swayed by TV and celebrities, so powerfully told stories have huge influence on the culture at large.

Unfortunately, conservatives have largely failed at taking advantage of the same mediums to communicate our message, so for now, it certainly seems as if the left has the upper hand in the culture wars.

via Fox News:

The “Roseanne” revival casting is underway. While many of the main cast members like Roseanne Barr, Sara Gilbert and John Goodman are returning, there are some additional characters that are being written into the storyline.

According to a casting notice obtained by Fox News, the show is looking to cast a character named Mark, who is the 9-year-old son of Darlene and David. Mark will be a “gender creative” character.

The casting notice describes the character as “sensitive” and “effeminate.”

Mark “displays qualities of both male and female young child traits,” according to the casting call.

The revival will be on ABC, which was the original home to the sitcom. The hit series aired from 1988-1997.

Barr, who is notoriously outspoken on Twitter, has yet to tweet about the buzz surrounding the casting decision. She did, however, write on Monday, “VERY INTERESTING TOPICS TO READ ON TWITTER TODAY!”

Just in case you’re a normal human being who attempts to limit your exposure to the insanity that is unfolding in our society these days, “gender non-binary” means a person doesn’t “identify” as either masculine or feminine.

In other words, they don’t consider themselves a boy, or a girl. As if there’s a third option. Although Facebook is desperately trying to convince the rest of the world there are 50 plus identities, so yeah, things are getting weird out there.

This all comes down to attempts by the left to normalize transgender behavior, just like they tried to normalize homosexuality too, and largely succeeded.

It’s a strategy known as the Overton Window. A purposeful moving of the window of what society deems acceptable, bit by bit, until you completely move away from established traditional values. Progressives know a sudden and swift change won’t work. Too many people will buck the trend.

Therefore, they attempt to move it a little at a time, in almost imperceptible ways, until a whole new set of values becomes the norm without most folks even batting an eye.

Why use entertainment to move the Overton Window? Because really well told stories make ideas easier to swallow. A well crafted narrative can hit you so hard in the feels that you actually begin to question whether or not your view on a particular issue is correct.

It’s propaganda in its most pure form.

Rather than decry the use of shows like “Roseanne” by the political left, we as conservatives ought to be co-opting this method of worldview transmission ourselves, using solid story telling to showcase why liberalism is a cancer that destroys all it touches.

That’s the only way to win the culture war and restore our republic.


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