If you ever want to see what the end result is of progressive ideology being put into action, just look at Europe, or, if you want an example closer to home, take a gander at the land of fruits and nuts, good ole California.

California is a cess pool of humanistic thinking and liberal policies have decimated the state’s cost of living and economy, but that’s not the only damage it has done. It’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Much of the “do-whatever-feels-good” mentality that is prevalent in humanistic socialism — the brand of leftism that is popular today — often leads to all sorts of sexual deviancy that leaves citizens at risk of becoming victims of heinous crimes.

It all started with legalizing same-sex marriage, something conservatives and Christians warned would lead to a slippery slope of immorality, a notion that nearly made leftists keel over with gut busting laughter.

Not long after that the transgender movement gained momentum, then polygamy started becoming a topic of debate, followed by the sickest of all, attempts to normalize pedophilia.

Several pieces were written for liberal publications like Salon by a man named Todd Nickerson who more or less talked positively about being sexually attracted to children, as if it were normal. It was disgusting to say the least.

Yes, this all stemmed from the abandonment of God’s standards for sexuality, along with a deep desire to have complete autonomy from Him, something that is an utter impossibility.

It seems this is culminating in a new bill that will soon become law that will remove thousands of people from the state sex offender list, including individuals who are convicted pedophiles.

via LA Times:

Now, with more than 105,000 people on California’s registry, some criminal justice leaders, including Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey, are looking to overhaul the system.

They recently won state Senate approval of a proposal that would allow the names of those who committed lower-level, nonviolent sex crimes or are judged low risks to reoffend to be removed from the registry after 10 or 20 years.

“The state’s sex offender registry has lost significant value over time because it contains so many low-risk offenders with decades-old offenses,” Lacey said. “Our bill will improve public safety by creating a tiered system that will allow investigators to focus on those offenders who pose the greatest risk.”

The proposal has stirred up deep emotions in a state where voters have, in the past, approved initiatives that are tough on sex offenders.

Opponents of the bill include Erin Runnion, who in 2002 founded the Joyful Child Foundation, an Orange County advocacy group for victims, after the abduction, molestation and murder of her 5-year old daughter, Samantha.

“Californians should be able to find out if someone they met is a convicted sex offender before leaving a child in their care, or going with them on a date, or agreeing to tutor them, etc.,” Runnion said in an email.

A man name Frank Lindsay, 64, was arrested and convicted of inappropriately touching a 14-year-old girl when he was 25 and was placed on the sex offender list.

He whined and complained about being attacked by various people, losing his job, and it being impossible to find work due to his name being included on the list.

Gee, cry me a river, Frank. Perhaps if you hadn’t been a raging pervert and kept your hands to yourself, you wouldn’t be in this current situation, now would you?

What about the misery the victim has had to endure all these years? Sorry, but I don’t think Frank here deserves a drop of sympathy. In fact, he should still be in prison.

Taking these names off the list might encourage these folks to start up their old habits, as the shame and stigma from the list may have been the only thing that was stopping them from indulging their twisted desires.

Any law that actually threatens to put people in danger is a bad law. However, you can’t get that through the thick skulls of all the bleeding hearts in the world.

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