Donald Trump is at it again, folks. Despite a rocky first six months in the White House (or so the media says), our President has shown the leadership and stamina it takes for our country to WIN AGAIN.

According to Truth Division, a fellow conservative new site, the national debt has decreased by $102 billion dating back to January 2017. To that point, the President himself said via Twitter that the national debt had decreased $12 billion in his first month. Looking back on President Obama’s first month in office? A $200 billion increase.

When I think back to June 2015, I was not on the Trump Train. As a matter of fact, I heavily supported Senator Marco Rubio for President. And with that, I campaigned very hard against the now-President for months leading up to the election. What I did give Trump credit for, however, was his ability to make money flow. We all know that Trump has helped our country to win again, but now let’s look into how he has done it.

  • Jobs: Including a spike in female employment since becoming President in January 2017, jobs have been flowing back into our country in a way that not many people have seen in many years. Though the mainstream media is not reporting this, President Trump has been sure to let the people know through Twitter and in campaign rallies.
  • Conservative Budgeting: The media is currently in a frenzy over the budget of the Secret Service, ¬†where apparently they do not have the funding to pay their officers. My response? I would much rather government departments ask for more money than spend an excess just because it’s there.
  • Restoring Law and Order: With illegal immigration down over 50% since taking office, President Trump is making good on his campaign promise to lower illegal immigration almost immediately after taking office. What does this mean for the taxpayer? The less illegal immigration coming to our country, the less taxpayer funding it takes to help these people (food stamps, healthcare, etc.). It is also no secret that crime rates have been on the decline since Inauguration. Even in the City of Chicago, home to one of the most condensed areas of violent crime in the nation, crime has been on the decline.
  • Stopping the Flow of Money to Unnecessary Foreign Relations: Think about the illegal Iran deal, where the US spent billions of taxpayer dollars to a foreign country to pay them to back off seeking nuclear weapons with NO certainty that what we were paying them to do would work. This is just one example; pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, pulling money out of NATO until other countries pay their fair share, and doing the same to the UN have made our foreign spending substantially less, and has gone to help the President’s belief of America First.

Before Senator Rubio dropped out of the race, I remember asking a few of my friends why they supported Donald Trump, and the answer was simple: the man knows how to make money flow. I didn’t understand it fully at the time, but I do now. The “reality television star in the White House” has shown to be a bit more than just a television star by now. If things continue the way they are, the national debt will be gone before you know it. All thanks to President Trump.

Stay political, my friends.


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