Legendary crooner Frank Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy Sinatra, sent the online world into quite an uproar earlier this week when she decided to join the horde of brain dead Hollywood elites calling for gun control in the wake of the mass shooting that went down in Las Vegas last weekend.

Normally, hearing some celebrity drone on and on about how evil guns are — totally ignoring the fact these are inanimate objects who can’t harm anyone unless they are in the hands of a deranged psychopath — is no big deal, as most entertainers are hardcore progressives, simply because being so helps them stay relevant and popular.

However, Nancy dear went the distance, sprinting down crazy lane as fast as her mental legs would take her by calling for violence against anyone who is a member of the National Rifle Association.

Ironically, she said they should face a firing squad. Think about that statement for a second. A woman who hates guns thinks people who love guns should be shot to death. Obviously she didn’t think this through.

via The Daily Wire:

Nancy Sinatra, daughter of legendary musical artist Frank Sinatra, responded to the Las Vegas shooting by suggesting that National Rifle Association (NRA) members should face execution.

The statement by Sinatra came on Tuesday and seemed to express support for taking violent action against millions of NRA members.

Sinatra’s tweet seemed to slide under the radar until late Wednesday night when several major accounts found the tweet and brought it to light.

This is pretty sick and disturbing for a number of reasons. Why does someone deserve to die simply because they disagree with you on political matters? That, my friends, is bat crap insane and is the first clue that someone either can’t control their emotions, lacks the ability to reason, or is mentally unstable.

Personally, I think it’s usually all the above. I wouldn’t dream of saying something that horrific about liberals. Sure, I can’t stand their ideology and worldview. I think it’s dangerous, evil, corrupt, and leads to both spiritual and physical death, but a person shouldn’t be murdered for it.

Quite the opposite. Their ideas should be engaged in spirited debate and discussion, being paid respect for being a fellow human being made in the image of God. Someone to be reached with the truth, not a target for hate.

It’s unfortunate the left doesn’t see their own hypocrisy when it comes to “tolerance.” They continue to claim they are tolerant and only intolerant of intolerance, but doesn’t that in and of itself mean they are intolerant and not tolerant? You can’t say you’re tolerant of others if there are some people you aren’t tolerant of, otherwise, how are leftists any different than folks on the right?

They aren’t.

Also, if you’re going to take a stand against guns, it’s probably not a good idea to call for someone to be shot to death. Seems just a tad inconsistent.


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