One of the reasons football fans are blowing steam out of their ears over the whole NFL anthem protesting going on at the beginning of games each Sunday has a whole lot to do with the disrespect taking a knee shows to our men and women in uniform serving in the armed forces.

Freedom isn’t free, and if anyone knows that, it’s veterans who willingly sign up to go fight for our defense, preserving our way of life from deadly terrorists and enemies who would love nothing more than to see our nation fall.

These folks don’t make millions of dollars and get a cushy job playing a game for a living. They get sent to the worst, most uncomfortable places on the planet, eat nasty food, make dirt money, and get shot at on a regular basis.

Why do they do it? Because they love America, her flag, and everything she stands for, which is why so many of them find the egregious behavior of professional athletes like Colin Kaepernick so disgusting.

One retired U.S. Marine Colonel made an appearance on Fox News where he shared his thoughts about this disgraceful display and delivered an epic rebuke every NFL player in the league needs to hear.

via Fox News:

Following massive league-wide anthem protests before Sunday’s NFL games, Powers’ letter is making the rounds again.

On “Fox & Friends” this morning, Powers said he’s “fed up” with players refusing the show respect to the country, flag and anthem.

“It’s out of control, and they’re spitting on the graves of our fallen,” he said.

He said these protesting NFL players don’t value the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who keep the American people safe.

“These guys don’t care. It’s all about them.”

Brian Kilmeade pointed out that many players say they love and respect America and those who defend it, but they just want to send a message about police brutality and systemic racism in the country.

“I don’t buy that at all,” Powers said, adding that there are thousands and thousands of like-minded Americans who are tired of these demonstrations.

“Roger Goodell is not a leader. He’s allowed this thing to permeate,” he said, adding that this could come back to bite the NFL if people starting tuning out.

Col. Powers totally hit this out of the park, especially the point he made about how these athletes don’t care about anything other than themselves.

If these folks really cared about equality, about fair treatment with police, why not start an organization dedicated to helping facilitate better relationships between the black community and law enforcement officers?

Why not donate money to charities that look to improve inner city communities and provide opportunities to help kids get off the streets and apply themselves to working hard and earning a better future?

Because that isn’t a hot trend on social media that they could use to help boost their popularity. Liberals would be up in arms against such individuals who made efforts to bring the black community and cops together, unifying rather than dividing.

No, that goes against the plan. Can’t keep minorities under the thumb of the Democratic Party if everyone is getting along.

Such a sad state of affairs.


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