The United States was rocked by yet another tragic mass shooting on Monday, this time in one of the greatest cities in the country, Las Vegas. The incident occurred at a Jason Aldean concert, where a crazed lunatic named Stephen Paddock opened fire from a hotel room window, killing something like 60 people and injuring 500 others.

Ever since the shooting occurred, people across the country have been wondering what his motivation for this attack might have been. Radical Islamic terror group ISIS quickly claimed responsibility for the attack, but no evidence has been found or reported to support that claim, as of now.

There’s also been rumors that there was Antifa literature found in the shooter’s room, but again, none of that has been substantiated, so no one knows for sure what the guy’s deal was.

However, there’s recently been some video footage released that claims to contain shots of Paddock at an anti-Trump protest, wearing a “pussyhat.” It has not yet been confirmed to be him, so we can’t say with 100 percent certainty that it’s him, but it certainly looks a lot like him.

via Pam Gellar:

It is believed the man seen in this video is the las vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, attending an anti-trump protest in Reno Nevada in August 2017.

***Update @ 1:30 EST. Media just released the shooter was a former employee of Lockheed martin, a company that has exclusive contracts with Nasa, that’d explain the Nasa shirt in the video. (thanks to Mark)

As stated above, we don’t know whether this is for sure the guy or not, but if it turns out it is him, this will give some insight into why he carried out his attack on a specific crowd, as the stereotype of country music fans being largely Republican would mean he would more than likely take out a few Trump supporters.

It wouldn’t be the first time a leftist lost their mind and resorted to extreme violence as a means of striking back against those they disagree with politically. Back in June a gunman shot up a congressional baseball game practice, hoping to take out GOP senators and representatives, and almost succeeded.

Then you have the violence from Antifa erupting at protests concerning the Confederate statues. Our nation is truly a mess at the moment.

We have never been so divided in recent memory as we are today, along political lines, racial lines, and everything in between.

This is something that has to stop and soon. Neither side has to abandon their positions, but rather than attacking each other senselessly, perhaps we should seek to find common ground with each other, be reminded of our shared humanity, laugh together, cry together, share a meal together.

Then, perhaps, after we care for one another as fellow human beings, we can politely and calmly, with respect, debate and discuss the important topics of the day, never losing sight of the fact that we have much in common.

I truly think that’s the only way to make real progress in this country, and it’s a step that requires maturity on both sides. Let’s pray it happens.


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