A mother of four, Joann Ward, was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice this weekend, after an angry atheist walked into her church in Texas and opened fire, killing a total of 26 people, including many children.

Ward immediately leapt into action once the insanity started, covering her kids with her own body to keep them safe from the spray of bullets that spat from the end of shooter Devin Kelley’s weapon.

Kelley was later shot by an armed NRA member who chased him in a car until he wrecked. He was found dead.

Here are more details from TheBlaze:

Joann Ward, a courageous mother of four, lost her own life trying to save her young children from a gunman who stormed their small Texas church during Sunday morning services.

” … You were sooo strong today, babe… shielding your babies from the shooter like you did today – WOW! ‘No greater love hath a man than this, that he may lay down his life for another,’” Ward’s friend Vonda Greek Smith wrote on her Facebook page.

Ward’s quick thinking spared two of her children’s lives.

The madman’s rage left 26 dead and 24 others injured in the tiny Texas town of about 600 near San Antonio. About 50 attended the church service that fateful day.

Bullets rang out as service was closing at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. Ward immediately jumped into action and pushed her eldest daughter, Rihanna, to the floor, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Then she embraced her three younger children shielding them from the bullets raining down on churchgoers.

Her husband, Chris Ward, was not in church that morning because he’d worked the night before, according to the New York Post. In the first hours after the shooting, some media erroneously reported Chris Ward was the shooter.

Chris was awakened by his brother, Michael Ward, who delivered the horrific news.

Brooke Ward, 5, died at the scene.

Emily Garza, 7, was transported to a hospital, but later died from a severed artery, New York Daily News reported.

Rihanna, 9, survived the attack.

How awful for this family. To have their whole lives shattered by the work of an evil, godless man who was attempting to satiate his hatred for God, a being he claimed didn’t exist, by murdering those who love Him. All because they didn’t think and believe the same things he believed.

Where is all that tolerance we here so much about from liberals and atheists? Why are they so hostile against people of faith?

The answer is actually quite simple. Those of us who love Jesus have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, empowering us to be witnesses to the world. As a result of our testifying to the truth of the gospel, people are convicted by their sin, they are forced to face their true natures, which is an unpleasant experience.

They know deep down God is real and that He has the right to control their lives, to tell them what to do, and they simply cannot stand that, thus they rebel, thinking it gives them control over God.

Sadly, they often do not realize their error until it’s too late and they are meeting the wrath of God face-to-face after death.

Anyway, praise God for a mother’s love, which is what saved a few of these children’s lives.


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