This past Sunday saw a bloody massacre carried out by an evil, lone gunman who murdered 26 people inside a church in cold blood.

As usual, leftists immediately began harping on the whole gun control issue, demanding that more and more restrictive laws be put in place to prevent men like Devin Kelley, the shooter, from getting access to firearms.

The only problem, of course, is gun control doesn’t work. Kelley was already a felon who couldn’t purchase a firearm, yet, thanks to ineptness on behalf of the government, the law was not enforced.

If we cannot enforce the laws already on the books, how is more law the right answer?

What’s worse, is the military has known there were issues with crime reporting to the FBI for more than two decades, which means this whole situation in Texas and countless others could’ve been avoided years ago.

From Daily Caller:

The Pentagon has known for nearly twenty years about major reporting lapses to the FBI of criminals within the U.S. military, The Associated Press reports.

The AP discovered a 1997 report that detailed massive fingerprint reporting lapses of military criminals with the U.S. Navy and the Navy failed to report 94 percent of cases. “The lack of reporting to the FBI criminal history files prevents civilian law enforcement agencies from having significant information on military offenders,” the report warned 20 years ago.

Military criminal reporting to the FBI has come under renewed scrutiny after former U.S. Air Force enlisted criminal Devin Kelley killed 26 people in a Sutherland Springs, Texas, church Sunday. Kelley, 26, was convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault under court martial in 2012, under U.S. law this should have barred him from ever purchasing a firearm.

The U.S. Air Force, however, admitted error in failing to report Kelley’s conviction to the FBI’s background check system that allowed him to legally purchase firearms on four different occasions, including the murder weapon. “Initial information indicates that Kelley’s domestic violence offense was not entered into the National Criminal Information Center database by the Holloman Air Force Base Office of Special Investigations,” Air Force Spokesman Ann Stefanek noted in a Monday evening statement.

This is truly appalling.

If this problem has been known for so long, there’s no excuse for delaying it’s repair. This is something that, as we clearly see here, can cause people to lose their lives, that makes it a pretty high priority.

Again, the solution to this problem is not more gun laws, but enforcing the laws that already exist, a problem Sen. Ted Cruz tried to remedy, but Democrats voted against.


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