A sheriff deputy from South Carolina is finding himself on defense after telling a student to stand for the pledge after the child refused, angering the boy’s father.

This is the kind of children that are being raised in modern America, thanks to the godless, American hating ideology of the progressive movement having become deeply rooted in our society.

Sad times indeed.

From TheBlaze:

A South Carolina sheriff is defending one of his deputies who he said asked a middle schooler to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance earlier this month — but the boy’s father called the deputy’s actions “inappropriate” and filed a complaint with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office, WCSC-TV reported.

The sheriff’s office released surveillance video of the Nov. 3 incident in the Cane Bay Middle School office during which the deputy — a fill-in school resource officer — spoke to the student, the station said.

When the Pledge of Allegiance was played over the loudspeaker, the deputy stood and placed his hand over his heart, WCSC said.

Sheriff Duane Lewis said everyone in the office stood — except for the student, the station reported.

The deputy then approached the student and asked him to stand, Lewis added.

While Lewis told reporters the student sat during the pledge, WCSC reported that the student allegedly took a knee.

It’s also unclear whether or not the boy actually responded to the deputy’s request.

Lewis went on to state that the deputy had not been removed from duty on the streets and made it clear he did not think he behaved in an inappropriate manner in the slightest, calling the interaction with the student “harmless.”

The problem here is the disrespect this boy is being taught to have for his country by his parents. Instead of teaching him to be grateful for his freedom and to be thankful he lives in America where he has liberty to make his life whatever he wants it to be, he is being taught that it’s okay to disrespect the flag.

Granted, that’s not a criminal offense by any stretch of the imagination, nor should it be, but it certainly isn’t a good thing to do.

Let’s hope this deputy is allowed to continue doing his job without any more hassles from the kid’s parents.


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