The Department of Education, the government agency which basically oversees public schools all across the country, was created with the sole purpose in mind of undermining parental authority and replacing it with the authority of the state.

In order for a socialist utopia to be built in the land of the free, progressives recognized years ago that they needed to sink their claws deeply into the minds of young people in order to indoctrinate them with their ideology, ensuring they rebel against the old way of doing things and accept the statist program, believing the government knows best and we should just do whatever they say.

It might sound wacky, but read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and other progressive theories on education and this strategy becomes quite clear.

The traditional family unit is the biggest threat to a utopian society based on the rule of the elite, therefore, liberals have to destroy it’s influence on children in order to shape their young minds.

One way in which they do this is by secretly teaching kids subjects like homosexuality and transgenderism without parental knowledge, which is precisely what a teacher did in West Virginia.

via Christian Post:

A conservative Christian parent in West Virginia has voiced concern after a middle school teacher showed her class a suicide prevention music video that featured two male high school students in bed together and a sex toy.

Rich Penkoski, who is the father of a 13-year-old student at Mountain Ridge Middle School in Gerrardstown, West Virginia, voiced his outrage with the school’s principal Thursday after his daughter told him that her homeroom teacher, Jackie Coffin, showed the the music video in class on Tuesday.

The music video in question is from hip-hop artist Logic’s 2017 song, titled “1-800-273-8255,” which is also the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

The plot of the video follows a gay African-American student as he struggles to gain society’s acceptance of his sexual orientation. In one scene, the student visits a male classmate’s house and has dinner with the classmate and his parents. The next scene shows the classmate’s dad catching his son in bed with the male student.

In another scene, the African-American student opens his gym locker to find a dildo affixed to the inside of the locker door as an anti-gay joke.

Penkoski told The Christian Post in an interview Thursday that the video Coffin played for her class was the not the suicide prevention video approved by the school to be shown in homeroom classes this week. And according to his daughter, Coffin instructed students not to tell their parents that she played the music video during class.

Penkoski spoke with the principal who later called him back and stated that the teacher admitted she showed the video, but denied saying she told the students not to tell their parents.

Obviously someone is lying, and to be honest, I’d believe the daughter of a Christian more than a teacher who obviously wants to avoid getting in trouble and is willing to do whatever it takes to get away with something.

Here’s the video in question:

The school district also replied by sending out the following statement:

“Mountain Ridge Middle School administration approved a suicide prevention video that was shown in homeroom earlier this week. A second video was brought to the attention of the teacher by her students, and without negative intent, the video was shown. The second video contained unapproved content that some may find offensive.

“Mountain Ridge Middle School is committed to its students and their families and thanks Mr. Penkoski for bringing this to our attention. School administration is evaluating this incident and taking steps to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.”

Obviously suicide is a serious deal that impacts tons of people, both gay and straight and is a matter that needs to be discussed carefully and delicately so that young people know they have support and help, regardless of their sexual orientation.

The biggest issue here is the utter disregard for parents and what they might be teaching their children at home. Some sort of form should have been sent home explaining the video and giving students an option to skip the video if they felt uncomfortable or viewing it violated their religious beliefs.

Let’s hope this school and the teacher learned a valuable lesson here about undermining parents.

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