Filmmaker — I use the term lightly — Michael Moore, the notorious liberal who just adores the Communism of Cuba and hates the capitalism of America — despite getting rich off the system — decided to put on a Broadway show specifically designed to do nothing other than slam President Trump.

Well, just like most of his “movies,” the production got off to a good start box office wise then crumbled right before his eyes.

This truly couldn’t have happened to a more deserving individual.

From Daily Wire:

The play survived for 13 weeks but pulled down just $4.2 million, The Wall Street Journal reports. According to, a theater website that tracks grosses based on data from the trade group Broadway League, that figure represents just 49% of the show’s “potential gross,” the Journal said.

By contrast, Bruce Springsteen’s show, also largely a one-man affair, has taken in nearly 100% of its potential gross in two of its first three weeks. The rock star’s production, simply titled “Springsteen on Broadway,” already has grossed a total of $6.6 million, far eclipsing Mr. Moore’s show.

True to the billing, Mr. Moore’s production skewered Republican President Donald Trump. It also focused on Mr. Moore’s life and history of political activism.

In an email, Mr. Moore said the show was “the most artistically gratifying experience of my life.” He said there are “talks happening about taking this show on the road.” A spokesman for “The Terms of My Surrender” said a San Francisco engagement is being discussed for early 2018.

Many in the theater side of the entertainment industry said the reason why his show failed was because it received so many bad reviews. Critics slammed Moore for having a lack of comedic timing, laughing at his own jokes, mumbling, among other things.

There’s always the possibility the show also bit the dust because people are sick to death of hearing about Trump constantly. The media is obsessed with the man and every entertainment figure on television, especially late night comedians, are using their time and talent to blast the president.

It’s possible people have just had enough and want to hear about something else. Unfortunately, the left seems deaf to the country’s plea for relief.


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