The whole “taking a knee” during the National Anthem fiasco that has swept the NFL for the last two seasons is taking its toll on the American people and it seems police officers are especially tired of the whole thing.

Former quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the “movement” when he decided to prove to his girlfriend how “woke” he was by taking a knee during a game to protest against police brutality. It wasn’t long before the gesture spread across the league to other players who also wanted to get a piece of the hashtag activism popularity.

Unfortunately for these daring crusaders, the majority of Americans across the country were not responding to the gesture in a positive manner, viewing the act as disrespectful to fallen police officers and veterans who fought, shed blood, and died to preserve their liberty.

Ratings have gone down considerably, with many fans deciding to boycott the NFL this season. Some sponsors have pulled away from players participating in the protest.

Now, Miami area police officers are showing just how much they don’t appreciate their hometown team bowing down by opting not to provide security for players.

via TheBlaze:

Police officers in the Miami area showed their disdain for the protests some Miami Dolphins players engaged in by refusing to provide security for their game Sunday against the New York Jets.

According to the Miami Herald, one third fewer of the normally scheduled police officers volunteered for the security detail at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Usually 400 off-duty officers show up to help keep order at the games, but only 175 had volunteered as of Thursday before the game, and more would have to be forced into working. Only 270 would be expected at the game.

Officials said more police were needed normally as they expected more violence with the Jets fans visiting.

But they also claimed that the fewer police would not compromise the safety of the fans.

“Any shortfall in volunteer officers does not necessarily indicate that the game will result in less safety,” Miami police said. “We are weighing alternate options with our law enforcement and security partners to accomplish the desired outcome.”

Good for these police officers for standing up for themselves against a movement that has not only been anti-cop, but downright hostile against them, despite the overwhelming majority of police officers being decent men and women just seeking to keep their community safe from bad guys.

What kills me the most about the left, including these NFL players, is how they are super against the cops, yet they don’t want anyone to have a gun for means of self protection. Who do they want you to rely on for safety? The police.

Now which is it? Are cops systemically racist and not to be trusted or are they the arbiters of justice and defense from criminal elements and can be counted on in times of need? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.


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