With dudes who think they’re ladies running around everywhere — and individuals self-identifying as animals — you’d think there wouldn’t be much happening in our backwards, godless culture that could be shocking.

You, dear reader, would be absolutely wrong in the worst possible way. In fact, you’ve never been more wrong.

Apparently there is another new trend straight out of the halls of the criminally insane that’s sweeping across Europe, which means it’s on its way here to the good ole U.S. of A too.

Men are transforming themselves into living female latex dolls.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. It’s a terrifying world out there.

According to VICE:

Female masking is an underground scene that took off in Europe in the 1980s and is made up of thousands of predominantly older heterosexual men who like to transform themselves into living female dolls.

To do this, the men don full-body silicone suits, prosthetic breasts, doll-like masks, and elaborate costumes to recreate the female form. The community is active online and meets up in special female masking forums to show off their unique transformations, but many feel the need to keep the habit hidden from family and friends.

Here’s more from Activist Mom:

Indeed, as VICE’s documentary states, “maskers” even exist in the U.S.

“The great thing is when a man who normally looks very masculine wears a mask, when he looks in the mirror for the first time and doesn’t recognize anything about himself,” a dominatrix named Madieanne tells VICE in the documentary.

“Instead, he’ll see a beautiful woman standing there. It’s exciting!”

Later on in the documentary, Netto reveals that his stash of female latex doll costumes is so large that he needs to keep a list of where specific items are stored in his house.

It’s not hard to see why when Netto leads VICE’s reporter to one storage room filled with boxes upon boxes of outfits.

“What’s so attractive about being this perfect woman?” VICE’s reporter asks him – confusingly, of course, since the “women” Netto and his cohort of degenerates transform into look completely artificial and not made in the image of God whatsoever.”

His reply comes, “I like to be beautiful because I like perfection.”

What these individuals don’t realize is that, as far as looking perfect goes, each and every single person on the planet is fine just the way they are, with their own unique beauty because all are made in the image of God.

We don’t need cosmetic surgery or to wear costumes to improve upon our bodies because to do so is to say that God’s art is not very good. God is the ultimate artist and each one of His works — us — are uniquely beautiful and captures something about Him that gets communicated to others who are around us.

What this boils down to is a problem of worship. These maskers worship themselves, the created being over the Creator, just like Romans 1:18-32 says.

Our hearts were built, designed to worship, to behold glory. The problem is, since the fall of man, we seek the fulfillment of these things not in God, the only being who can actually satisfy them, but in fleshly pursuits.

Until maskers — like everyone else — repent of their sins, put their faith in Christ, and turn away from filling the void in their worship with created things, the satisfaction they crave will never be attained.

Sooner or later, the thrill they get from masking will wear away. They will need something else to take its place. And that too will fade away.

As Christians, we need to pray for these people to find the happiness they long for in Christ.


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